Monday, January 16, 2017

Who Reads the NY Times?

The New York Times trashes Trump for nepotism because he appointed one of his sons to a government position. The NYT is a"family-owned newspaper who should have nothing to say about nepotism. But who cares? NYT is a known liberal paper run and read mostly only by other liberals or people who don't know any better. Nobody else cares a hoot what they say. They're on their way "down the tubes," anyway. They won't be around much longer.

NOT UNTIL PROVEN: I will not believe the Russians helped Trump get elected until, or unless I see incontrovertible PROOF it is true, and that he knew it. And that the Democrat Party hasn't provided, and CAN'T. Democrat Rep. John Lewis says that, since Russia helped him get elected, he isn't a legitimate president. That simply means Lewis has "bought the BS" put out by the Democrat Party with NO proof. Even if Russia DID help Trump, their interference was insignificant, anyway, and should make no difference to his legitimacy.

PINK PUSSY HATS: Pardon me if I laugh, but this is really funny! The MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) outfit is going to protest Trump's inauguration by wearing "Pink Pussy Hats." I'd pay to see that! These fools can really think up some silly "demonstrations." Frankly, I think they've all got dirty minds. This brings to mind that demonstration some liberals held using phony penises. I guess they couldn't find any willing real ones. I guess Rush is right. They're now out of power so they're no longer dangerous. Now they're FUNNY! But they're so well entrenched, they're still dangerous, anyway.

SO WHO CARES? As many as ten Democrats (now 20, and probably more before this can be published), led by Rep. John Lewis, are "boycotting" the Trump nomination. Whooee! They really think somebody will miss them! Frankly, I think only other Democrats will care. I certainly don't. I wish they'd stay at home for everything! We don't need them for anything except to make life interesting with their silly "demonstrations" like that old "phony penis" one and the upcoming "pink pussies" demonstration. That's gonna be a gas! Their next one might be "farting butts." That one WOULD be a "gas!" Or did I just give them an idea?

UP AGAINST THE WALL: Democrats are throwing all kinds of s--t up against the wall to see if something will stick to make Trump look like an "illegitimate president. Rep. John Lewis tried the "Russian hackers" gambit, and that didn't work. Now Democrats are saying the TABLOIDS are responsible for Hillary's loss, ignoring the fact that HILLARY was the biggest impediment to her own election because of her own incompetence and arrogance in thinking she "had it in the bag."

IT'S COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM! There are many people who believe that collectivism is the way to go, economically, even though it creates no wealth, at all, only STEALING the new wealth created by individuals who PRODUCE it, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, produce NOTHING. There are only TWO real economic theories in existence. There are many others that CLAIM to be economic theories, but all they aare is derivatives of one or the other. Socialism is one; progressivism is another. Then there's Fascism and communism, and many others.

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