Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Blaming" Duck Dynasty

The New York Times "blames" the "Duck Dynasty" for helping Trump win. But supporting Trump is only something for which to be "blamed" to NYT. American citizens have the right to support ANY candidate they so choose, and cannot be "blamed" for it. I did everything I could to help Trump get elected, too. Will they "blame" me, next? Whatever makes them think they have the right to "blame" somebody for their support for Trump? They seem to be somewhat full of themselves.

DEPORTED 19 TIMES! Tomas Martinez-Maldonado is a Mexican National who raped a 13-year-old girl on a bus, and was caught. Excuse me. I'm supposed to say, "allegedly raped." Then it was found that he was an illegal alien and had been deported 19 times! What the hell was this monster even DOING in the United States? There should be a law requiring JAIL TIME for an illegal alien who comes back, even ONCE after being deported, much less 19 times! But there's not, so this little girl will be forever traumatized by this monster, who shouldn't even BE here, and his evil desires. He should get LIFE in prison!

HE'D PLAY CASTRO: Or Stalin; or Hitler, or many other deadly dictators, without worrying about the "effect" it would have on his career. But Nicholas Cage is leery about playing Ronald Reagan because he's afraid of what the ignorant fools in Hollywood would do to his career if he did. All because Reagan ENDED the cold war and brought inflation down from double digits to manageable proportions. Ditto unempliyment. But Hollywood hates that, so he's afraid. But not afraid to play Hollywood's favorite killers.

"BOXING TRUMP IN": Kellyanne Conway says, "Obama's sanctions on Russia meant to 'box in' Trump." I've even heard (already) a Democrat's attempt to do so. He said, "If Trump wants to make it easier for Russia to hack us, let him reverse those sanctions." And the usual politician WOULD be "boxed in" by that. Not Trump. He'll do what's right, and "damn the torpedoes!" Meanwhile, he'll Tweet his side of the story to all Americans, getting around the liberal media.

WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? Musician John Legend says he is going to oppose Donald Trump. I think he's a "legend in his own mind." NO kidding. Is he gonna write nasty songs about Trump? Write nasty letters to the editor about him? How much effect does he think his feeble attempts to derail Trump are going to have? I'd say this guy is a little "full of himself" if he thinks his opposition will do ANYTHING to hurt Trump.

COMMUNIST CNN SPOKESMAN: Van Jones has been hired as a commentator by CNN, which is an admission of their ultra-left leanings. There was a time when anybody revealed to be a communist was "persona non-grata" everywhere but a communist-run country, and especially in a supposed "news gathering" outfit. But no longer. Communists have gained so much in acceptance through all the "conditioning" in our schools, it's now possible,

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