Thursday, January 12, 2017

NY Times Banning "Fake News"

They really think that, by banning a word, they can prevent their opposition from criticizing them by its use. The whole "fake news thing" that was concocted by liberals to attempt to intimidate the "alternative media," has backfired on them, since they, themselves, are the chief purveyors of "fake news." So they've given up trying to use that term on their opposition because their opposition has used it instead, to pillory THEM. Now they're trying to mitigate the damage by banning the use of the word. Unfortunately for them, it won't work. The term is now popular and will continue to be used.

THEY'RE ALL THE SAME: The guy who was PAID to arrange riots and other violence at Trump rallies and blaming them on Trump was sitting right in the front row at Obama's "farewell speech," along with VP Joe, Michelle, and one of his daughters (whose name escapes me; they're like two peas in a pod). All the many "organizations" they CLAIM are NOT Democrat outfits, but are "genuine organizations that are afraid of the nasty, foul things Trump is going to do (like stopping as many of their scams as he can)," are peopled by the same kind of people. Liberals and Democrats dedicated to "bringing Trump down" any way they can, by "hook or crook." This is a clear victory for conservatives.

HOUSTON CHIEF COP A FOOL: He recently sent out a Tweet complimenting "MOMS Against Guns (or something like that)" for their work "in SUPPORT of the Second Amendment," completely ignoring the fact that their entire reason for existence is to SUBVERT the Second Amendment and destroy our right to be armed--something that is GUARANTEED by the Second Amendment. This guy likes "Black Lives Matter" and regularly throws cops "under the bus." They need to get rid of this fool.

DEMOCRATS DID IT: They hired a prostitute to come to a hotel room once occupied by Obama and pee on the bed to "insult Obama," and blame Trump for it, claiming that HE hired her to do it, when it was Democrat Party operatives who DID do it. This is the kind of thing Democrats do in their efforts to undermine their opposition. NOT the kind of thing TRUMP does. But they just can't understand that. They're not smart enough.

BLM GETS COPS KILLED: And if you point that out to them in private, Black Lives Matter will agree with you, and gloat about it, In public, they'll deny it to their dying day (which might be soon, considering what they're promoting). What it will cause is a cop's natural reluctance to shoot when attacked, thinking about what will happen later, with BLM saying EVERY "cop shooting" is against an "unarmed, defenseless person," even if the victim is armed and shooting at the cop at the time. That hesitation will get many cops KILLED. They not only don't care about that, they CELEBRATE it.

WHITE AMERICANS MUST ADMIT: Obama says, "White Americans must acknowledge slavery and Jim Crow." He's right, for a change. But what he doesn't tell you is that Jim Crow was a DEMOCRAT, Democrats STARTED the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to be their THUGS to stop blacks. They FOUGHT the end of slavery, tooth and nail. The "white Americans" of which he speaks were DEMOCRATS. They try HARD to keep you from remembering that. Today's racism is black against white racism, PROMOTED by Democrats. And they're making it legal.

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