Monday, January 2, 2017

Diarrhea of the Mouth

Outgoing Sec. of State John Kerry seems to have diarrhea of the mouth. He made a speech that lasted a full HOUR, in which he echoed Obama's LIE that he had "done more for Israel than any other president," hoping to make us think he didn't just "throw Israel under the bus" at the UN. Actually, Obama has done more TO Israel than any other president. But he thinks if he says it loud enough, it'll become the truth.

"DON'T DO AS I DID!" That's Obama's advice to Trump. "Don't try and do things by executive order. Do it through the Congress!" So he is advising Trump not to do what he did for some reason. I don't know what his reasoning is on that, but he is a liberal, so he doesn't HAVE any reasoning! Liberals have denied the very EXISTENCE of reason and logic. I guess they don't think they can adhere to the limitations required by reason and logic, so they just DENY it.

FREUD WAS RIGHT: He said, "Fear of guns is a sign of retarded emotional and sexual maturity." I don't know if he really said that, but if so, he would be right. And there are a lot of people emotionally and sexually repressed. You can tell by the number of stupid anti-gun laws they make. I don't know how so many of them get themselves elected, but they probably hide their anti-gun proclivities while running. People who wish to keep their constitutional right to be armed ARE in the majority, as witness their almost complete failure to strip us of that right.

IMAGINARY FEARS: Now liberals are talking about "fearing inflation" because Trump will soon be president. This is but one of the IMAGINARY fears liberals (Democrats) talk about in their efforts to discredit Trump, even before he is inaugurated on January 20. The fact is, we ALREADY have an "inflation fear" because of DEMOCRAT policies over the last 8, or more years, which they will try and blame on Trump.

IT HAPPENED 20 TIMES: The liberal media likes to dismiss the whole idea of legally armed citizens stopping gun crime as a "tragic myth," but it happens more often than we know, because they refuse to cover it when it does happen, and it remains a local story they can ignore. If they actually reported it, maybe it would happen more often than the 20 times it happened (to their dismay) in 2016. Their bias against armed citizens is so obvious it doesn't even need to be mentioned. But the "alternative media" DOES report it.

WILL TRUMP BE IMPEACHED? Democrats say it will happen because of his business practices. But it's a "forlorn hope" they hold as a "last resort," after Trump whipped them so badly in the election. They like to crow about Hillary "winning the popular vote," but that's not how we elect presidents in this country, and they need to learn that. The reason she might have won the popular vote is that Democrats are only in the majority in certain populous coastal states, and illegal voters are allowed there (illegal aliens, Islamic terrorists, felons).

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