Sunday, January 15, 2017

"No Scandals"

Obama says he's the only president to have had no major scandals during his administration. Hmmmmmm.... I wonder what he's been smoking. Obama's administration ITSELF is a scandal, and he, like other Democrats, is in denial. The biggest scandal in this administration is Obama's effort to convince the world there ARE no scandals in this administration when there were a plethora of them, and we all know it. Obama is a racketeer who managed to con his way into the presidency. And it's time we admitted it. He has really "done a number" on this government, and still is.

LEFT IS REALLY ANGRY: You're going to hear that a lot in the coming years, as Trump puts a bomb to their most cherished giveaways. Right now they're mad because Trump criticized Rep. John Lewis (D-of course) in response to his ignorant comment about Trump "not being a legitimate president." What the hell did they expect? You can't say such CRAP about Trump without him responding. In any case, who gives a damn what liberal politicians think?

TWISTING TRUMP'S ACTIONS: As usual, Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury Comic Strip) twists Trump's words and actions. Trump did NOT "wage a war on Christmas!" He waged a war on liberals "Taking Christ out of Christmas!" What a damned fool Trudeau is. Sometimes his strip is funny when he stays away from politics. But his thinking is so screwed up. it's NEVER funny when he includes his politics in his strips.

A REAL STORY AND DOCUMENT: That's what the "reporter" from Buzz Feed says, "i think this is a real story about a real document that many people have passed around." Of course, none of those "many people" have ever let out anything that was supposed to be IN that document, because there ISN'T anything in it. It's only a made-up story designed to delegitimize Trump without PROVING anything. That's how Democrats operate. If there was anything real in that document, you can bet at least ONE of those "many people" would have leaked it. But there's nothing to leak.

BECOMING EVEN RICHER: Lefties "worry" about Trump using his time as president to become even richer than he is now. And they have good reason to feel that way, because politicians have done that for ages. Bill Clinton (a Democrat), for instance, came into the presidency FLAT BROKE. Even as GOVERNOR of Arkansas he couldn't make as much as his wife did as a lawyer. Hillary claims they were broke when they left the White House, but they quickly bought a multi-million dollar home in exclusive Chappaqua. How did they do that if they were broke? Now BOTH are multi-millionaires from bribe sessions they CALL "speeches." They're EXPERTS at parlaying political office into riches.

"THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED": It infuriates me whenever I hear some fool say that, when the "science" is NEVER "settled" on ANYTHING. whenever there are new findings, the "science" changes. Just as it did when they discovered that the world wasn't flat, after all. They just say that in an effort to support their faulty "science" by making some people who just "don't pay attention" believe it. I'm sure there were some "Flat Earth Society" members back then who. like global warming religion" believers today, wanted to CRIMINALIZE people who didn't believe in their flights of fancy. And I'm sure they said "the science it settled," too.

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