Friday, July 1, 2016

Thinly Disguised Bribery

Does anybody believe Hillary gets a half million dollars for a 15 minute speech because she's such a great speaker? I don't, and I wonder about people who pay to hear her screech out her lies and hate in front of a crowd. Everybody knows Hillary's half million dollar fifteen minute speeches are a simple bribe, but nobody will do anything about it, because they all do it, and they don't want to “rock the boat.” But Hillary has carried that form of corruption to a new level, and people (outside of DC) are starting to notice. Another form of thinly disguised bribery is having a “foundation.” All those politicians who are “in the know” have them. You want to bribe them, give money to their “foundation.”

LYNCH WILL “ACCEPT IT”: Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she will “accept” the recommendations of the FBI on whether or not to prosecute Hillary. But notice she didn't say she would ACT on them. Former AG Janet Reno told us she “took full responsibility” for the Waco massacre that included 14 CHILDREN, but what did that mean? Nothing ever happened to her for it, and won't, as long as corrupt politicians like Bill, Hillary, or Obama are running things. This is the same thing. Lynch says she'll “accept” the FBI findings, but not that she'll act on them.

WATER IS WET: They did a study recently that found that criminals don't get their guns from gun shops, gun shows, or the Internet. That they do is a common phony claim by anti-gun fools and, of course, it's a LIE. It has been proven many times that they get their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of a car owned by an illicit arms dealer, or just STEAL them. They just do NOT go to legal sources, and that is the only place their “gun laws” affect. So all their highly vaunted “ gun laws,” which are aimed in the wrong direction, are USELESS.

LYNCH-CLINTON MEETING: If anybody believes Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch had a “chance” meeting at the Phoenix airport, I'd like to talk to them about a bridge I have in Brooklyn I want to sell. Clinton's wife is “very close” to being indicted for several felonies, which will derail her chances of being elected president (if it ever happens). And they DIDN'T talk about it? Gimme a BREAK! You gotta be really STUPID to believe crap like that. But that's what they offer. They don't care if we believe it, or not. They'll keep telling it that way, and that's what will go “into the record.” She's been stalling the “investigation” for a long time, and will keep on stalling until AFTER the election.

MUGGED THE WRONG GUY: Four thugs tried to mug a young man on the street in Detroit the other day. It didn't turn out the way they had planned. They demanded he give them everything he had, and when he didn't do it fast enough, one of them hit him in the head with a baton. So he turned around and shot him. The other three “set sail” for the tall and uncut, and haven't been seen, nor heard from since. They may have teleported. The one he shot is in the hospital in critical condition. Turns out the intended victim was an armed security guard on his way home. These thugs should really choose their victims better.

FAST AND FURIOUS” GUN? According to Judicial Watch, one of the guns used in the Paris Islamic terrorist attack may well have been one of those Obama ran into Mexico to the drug cartels in “Fast and Furious.” There's no proof of that yet, but it did come from Arizona, which raises suspicions. Like this article says, Obama and the anti-gun fools don't just want to take all the guns away from us, they want to have ALL the guns out there so they can "have their way" with us. Nobody has been punished for his part in “Fast and Furious,” and likely won't be. Unless President Trump does it.

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