Sunday, July 24, 2016

Gun-Hating Politicians

Why do we keep getting them? Why ARE they gun-haters? Why are so many politicians (mostly Democrats) afraid of ordinary citizens, who OBEY their laws, having the right (that is guaranteed them by the Constitution) to carry a gun to defend themselves against the CRIMINALS who get their guns ILLEGALLY and do all the “gun violence? Why do those politicians hate gun ownership for the “common man” so much? Honest, law-abiding gun owners do not, as a rule, commit crimes with their guns. We need to stop electing candidates with an anti-gun history, completely, no matter how much we might approve of their other actions. (Just common sense)

STOP ELECTING GUN-HATERS: I've said before that we need to stop electing politicians with ANY anti-gun tendencies if we want to retain our constitutionally-guaranteed right to be armed in self-defense. So if you need one more reason to reject Hillary Clinton, here it is. She invited the mother of that monstrous thug, Michael Brown, from Ferguson, MO, who died trying to kill a cop, to speak at the DNC. She's showed her anti-gun tendencies in many ways, but this is so obvious it doesn't even need to be mentioned. Send this woman packing.

I'M VOTING FOR TRUMP”: That's a quote from Malik Obama, Barack Obama's half brother. Trump likes that a lot. He says, “Barack probably treated him badly, as he has everybody else.” It gets pretty bad when your BROTHER votes for the opposition. I'm like Trump. I don't know what prompted him to vote for Trump, or to come right out and announce it publicly, but I'm happy about it. Every vote for trump is a good vote, because it is a vote against Obama's policies.

TRIED UNDERMINING BERNIE: Surprise, surprise! Hillary folks tried some “dirty tricks” in an effort to defeat Bernie Sanders. Why is anybody surprised? How did they think she stayed just ahead of Bernie with him winning as many primaries as he did? With dirty tricks. That's how the Clintons always win their elections. The Clintons have made stealing elections an art form.

WELL—THEY TRIED: The Democrats tried to dirty Donald Trump by showing videos intimating his wife, Melania, plagiarized Michelle's 2008 speech, but forgot that no less than Obama, himself, has been caught TWICE plagiarizing another politician. At the same time, her writer admitted SHE was responsible for those words in Melania's speech. That's what happens when you try a “Statue of Liberty play” and it doesn't work.. So it didn't help Democrats at all, and probably put them even further behind.

6 PLANNED PARENTOODS CLOSE: When it was revealed about the murders Planned Parenthood was committing on defenseless infants, America revolted. All but the Democrat Party, that is. When Republicans tried to cut Planned Parenthood's funding, they fought it, tooth and nail, I guess it's okay to them to murder infants. But is it starting to catch up to them? They say that abortions are only a small part of their profit [picture. But apparently that “small part” is big in importance because 6 of their murder mills closed down because they DIDN'T commit murders of infants. And that's where their profits are.

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