Friday, July 15, 2016

Will Hillary Win?

There's a predominance of opinion in the liberal media that Hillary will win in a landslide. Which is not surprising, considering the people they ask are largely Democrats or Republican “Never-Trumpers.” TThat's how they “mold opinion.” Take false “polls” in liberal backyards and use that to “make news.” They hope they're never proved wrong, but they HAVE been proved wrong, many times, when they predict that Trump will lose. When he wins BIG, they shut up. Until the next time, when they're wrong, again.

NO “GUN-FREE” SIGNS: Liberal anti-gun politicians, when offered “gun-free zone” sign to put up at their homes refuse to take them. They don't want to tell the crooks they are a prime target for a home invasion, I guess. Putting up such signs is the same thing as putting up a sign saying, “There are no guns here. Come on in and shoot us.” Gun free zones are okay for us peasants, but not for the elites. They've probably got guns, anyway. Most anti-gun politicians usually do, or HIRE others to carry their guns for them.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: That's what the Republicans want to do. Their system allows the elites to look and see what rules they need to assure them the power to “move the goal posts” to keep their power to DICTATE just who we GET to vote for. The power to change the rules for THIS convention is such an obvious method to screw up the works it doesn't even need to be mentioned. When we gripe, they remind i=us it's been this way “forever,.” which is supposed to Shut us up. Which is no excuse for corruption.

THIS IS WAR! That's what the French say, after a man took a large truck and ran it through a huge “Bastille Day” crowd in Nice. It's time SOMEBODY admitted this, and France cannot suffer many more massacres before they snap. They are a small country, with a large Muslim population. The larger the Muslim population, the more places there are for the Islamic terrorists to hide. It is their ability to hide in large groups that is one of their biggest strengths. We need to remove that strength. We need to stop treating their atrocities as “crimes” and treat them as what they are: acts of war,” and kill them where they stand. As they did in the latest Muslim atrocity there.

WHY DO THEY HATE US? Liberals the world over are wondering why Muslims hate us. And they say, there are “peaceful Muslims.” I say, there ARE no “peaceful Muslims.” Yes, there are many who have not killed people in the name of Islam—yet. But they are taught to HATE anybody who isn't their brand of Muslim—from BIRTH. As soon as they are able to understand words, they're taught words of HATE for anybody who isn't their kind of Muslim. Which is why it seems to be so easy to recruit them for “Jihad.”

THINGS THEY NEVER TELL YOU: They constantly tell you that black men are five times more apt to be shot by cops than white men. But what they don't tell you is that those black men are usually trying to kill the cops. The same is true in their whining that more blacks are in prison than whites without mentioning that blacks commit more crimes. It's their way of trying to discredit the cops, and the law. If you call them on it, they call you a racist, as they will ME when they read this.

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