Monday, July 11, 2016

How Can They Tell?

They say the most guns in the hands of private citizens in Africa are owned in Obama's birthplace, Kenya. But how can they come up with that number? Their numbers only reflect the number of LEGALLY-owned guns, and IGNORE those bought ILLEGALLY, or stolen. This is typical of the anti-gun fools. Concentrate on LEGAL gun owners and IGNORE ILLEGAL gun owners. That makes their phony figures look better. That way they can disarm honest people while criminals (some wearing badges) have no trouble victimizing them with their ILLEGAL guns.

NO GUNS FOR BLACKS”: So sayeth Barack Obama, who is a black man himself (He's just as much white as he is black, but he CHOOSES to be black so he can claim racism if anybody disagrees with him). I would question the SANITY of a WHITE president who said white people should have no guns,Obama and his accomplices would immediately call me a racist for pointing this out, and “crank up” the “race-baiters.” That's how he handles ALL criticism. Just call his critics racists.

BOMBS FOR BAD GUYS: Dallas Police Chief Brown made use of a BOMB to end the siege in Dallas that had already claimed five policemen. The shooter, who was military trained, was well fortified, and would not be easily “rooted out” without putting other officers at deadly risk. Brown chose to “paint the walls” of that garage with the shooter and save other lives. The shooter deserved what he got. Monday morning quarterbacks are now questioning the use of that bomb. But that shooter deserved what he got.

POLICE ABUSE?: Was it police abuse in Minnesota when a cop summarily executed a man because he saw a gun in his lap and shot out of panic? Yes, it was. If that's how it went down. The cop says the victim was reaching for that gun, but he wasactually reaching for his ID, which other cops had asked for. I think this is a product of the atmosphere of fear instilled in cops all over by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. Even though he had been advised of the gun, and that the man was licensed to carry it, he panicked. Cops are understandably “on edge” today, knowing they have a target on their backs.

LEFT'S WAR ON COPS: That's what it amounts to, and now we have had the first identifiable example of an attack on more than one or two cops. Previously, cowardly criminals have sneaked up behind one or two cops at a time and killed them by shooting them in the back. Now nervous cops are “shooting in panic,” knowing there is a “target on their backs” and they could be shot down in surprise while they are doing their jobs, just for being cops. Cops are a “thin blue line” between us and chaos. We NEED them. Don't kill them.

MILITANT ISLAM: A DISEASE: It's like a cancer growing on the world, and threatens to kill it. Now, to dispel the usual attempts by Islam to confuse people about what I'm saying, I'm not talking about Islam, itself. I'm talking about the perverted form of Islam that leads it's “believers” to want to KILL people who don't believe the same way they do. And that is a “rape culture” where rape is “accepted” as a weapon of terror. Where militant Muslims run things, women always have to worry about being raped. No wonder they hide their women.

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