Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Hope It's Over Soon

I really hope the Democrat National Convention is over soon. I can't take much more of this phony “sweetness and light.” Obama hugging Hillary, whom he has roundly criticized in the past, before she came to work for him. Telling us how “People who know 'Ol' Joe' have nothing but good to say about him.” How great a president she's going to be (IF she ever makes it to the White House at all), even better than Obama himself, or Bill Clinton. Of course, that wouldn't take much. They are two of the WORST presidents in memory. I'm getting very tired of the horse manure they're putting out.

NO SENSE OF HUMOR: It is again proved that the liberals (Democrats) have no sense of humor. They took Trump seriously when he jokingly asked the Russian hackers of they could find Hillary's 30,000 deleted e-mails, and predictably “lost their minds.” What little minds they have, anyway. Of course, they may have even GOTTEN the joke, but found it useful to make a lot of noise about Trump suggesting Russian espionage. That's how they operate. Twist anything said by a Republican to mean something it does not mean, and the fools who “pay no attention to politics,” but vote, anyway, will believe them.

TRUMP'S TRAP: Trump set a trap that the Democrats immediately fell for, with his “Russians finding Hillary's 30,000 e-mails” crack. They HAVE no sense of humor, so they immediately “bought” it as a serious thing, and it blew their minds. As noted above, It completely took over the news cycle in the liberal media, and took notice away from the Democrat convention, which, I'm sure, was his intention. Trump is nothing, if not clever.

DAZZLED BY OBAMA'S SPEECH: Chris Matthews “glowed” in his praise, and Brian Williams told us, “We will not see his like, again.” Thank GOD! I don't think this country would survive “another of his like.” I don't remember who “got a thrill up his leg” listening to one president speak, but I think he got another one, this time. Damn, these people are gullible! And they're the ones telling us who we should vote for. Except for most Fox commentators, that is, which they hate with a passion.

COMING FULL CIRCLE: It used to be that black people were forced to go to the “”back of the bus.” they hated that. Now they want to send WHITE people to the back of the bus. That's what the Black Lives Matter people want, anyway. They're out to completely reverse the discrimination system, with white people to be discriminated against, by law, this time. Look for a return of black and white water fountains and rest rooms, with the black facilities better than that for whites. Of course, they'll call me racist for this item. If a white person lets a FART, they'll call that “code” for something or other that is racist.

NO FLAGS FOR DNC: There have been NO FLAGS on the floor of the Democrat National Convention, until Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump noted it. Then ONE small flag appeared. That tells me a lot about the Democrat Party, and it's not good. It tells me they have no respect for America. And these people want to continue running things in America! If we let them, they will do irreparable damage. Damage from which we may not emerge intact. If we let that happen, we will have only ourselves to blame. As old as I am. I'll be dead by then (I hope). Why some people actually SUPPORT socialists is beyond me. i guess they're just stupid.

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