Sunday, July 10, 2016

Satisfactory Action

I just read a post on “One Political Plaza” from a long time subscriber. He's a “senior citizen” and pees often. I'm with him, for the same reason. He also says his most satisfactory action is going out to the barn and peeing on a picture of Obama. I'm with him there, too. It won't be hard to find a picture of Obama. They're everywhere, like with most dictators, or people who THINK they are dictators, and love themselves. I just hope I can stand to look at him long enough to properly aim.

IS IT RACISM? Philando Castilo has been pulled over 52 times in the past, and didn't get shot by the cops. Why so many times? Maybe he should learn to drive better. What was different the 53rd time? This time the cops were rightfully frightened by the atmosphere created by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd, who are suggesting, to already unstable thugs, that it's okay to kill cops. He TOLD them he had a gun, that he was licensed, and wasn't threatening anybody if all.  All it was doing is sitting in his lap. He was just reaching for his ID, as requested, when he was killed.

GUN STUPID: What is it about guns that makes liberal politicians terminally stupid? One woman in Colorado running for governor says she'll “work on gun problems” on her first day in office, whatever the hell THAT means! I figure it means she will work for passage of more USELESS anti-gun laws that don't work. That seems to be the only kind those fools know how to propose. Only the Republican governor a couple of governors ago came up with something good.

THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND: Salon just ran a story where they say people in foreign countries don't understand why we have “such a passion” for guns. They don't understand it's a “passion” for self defense and the constitutional right to own and use the means to it, a gun. That's because they've never had that right. It's NOT “a passion for guns.” It IS a “passion to defend OURSELVES.” And it's a RIGHT, guaranteed by our Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws. You can't usually understand what you've never had, and never WILL have.

CHILDREN'S GUN DEATHS: The anti-gun fools keep pointing out the “fact” that the United States accounts for 90% of the gun deaths of kids under 19, without mentioning that most of those gun deaths come from their GANG affiliations, and involve ILLEGAL guns—which all their current gun laws do NOTHING to contain. It's not the LEGALLY-owned guns that are the problem. Never has been, and never will be.

SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, HILLARY! Hillary Clinton says, “We're ALL racists.” No, we're NOT. Maybe you are, but we're not ALL racists, just because you, in your ignorance, think we are. Many of us, like me, judge each person we meet as an INDIVIDUAL, by his or her ACTIONS, not by the group he /she is in, or by the color of their skin. Being racist is IGNORANCE. It always has been, and always WILL be. You may be a racist, but you can't speak for me—or anybody else.

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