Monday, July 18, 2016

Won't Violate the Constitution

Gov. Kasich, of Ohio, when asked to “temporarily suspend” people's right to open carry at the RNC Convention, replied, “I don't have that authority.” Which, translated by anti-gun fools, means “he rejected it.” What part of “no authority to suspend constitutional rights” do they not understand? Liberals think (wish) you can “suspend” the constitutional rights of citizens on a whim, just because they think you should. They need to learn otherwise.

CREATING VIOLENCE: Liberals are working HARD to CREATE the violence they are roundly predicting at the RNC Convention. There have been no incidents of violence, nor any SUGGESTION of somebody (except the liberals) planning violence. But they're discussing what to do IF it happens, as if it WERE happening. They're hoping mightily that somebody takes up their suggestion so they can blame Trump for whatever happens, ignoring the fact that most of the violence against Republicans is PAID FOR by liberal operatives, such as George Soros, whose fingerprints are all over most of the “dirty tricks” that occur.

TURKEY'S ORDERS: Turkey has “ordered” us to extradite the cleric they say is behind the attempted coup. Maybe they need some instruction. Specifically, we don't “take orders” from Turkey, or any other country. We haven't seen any EVIDENCE that this cleric is responsible, and I don't know if, even if we did, we would extradite him. We don't extradite people for political “crimes.” Especially if he was trying to rid Turkey of Islamic terrorists in their government.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS AN OPPORTUNITY:”: Hillary says, “Climate Change is an opportunity as well as a problem.” Which tells me she's either as stupid as is Obama, or sees an “opportunity” to “roll us” for as much as she can, as Obama does. Climate change is one of the biggest swindles in the history of man, and has made AlGore a billionaire.. They're worried about an increase in temperature of ONE DEGREE in 100 years! Something that will never be proved, nor disproved, in our lifetime.

PUSH BACK”: Obama says, “Push back against hateful rhetoric that twist and distort Islam.” Sounds good, doesn't it? What it is, is an effort to stifle information about the outrages committed by Islamic terrorists. They hate it when we tell the truth about them, and even want to make it a punishable offense, despite our First Amendment. They don't understand our First amendment. They have nothing like it. They CONTROL absolutely what is said by Muslims. By KILLING those who speak out. They keep gays out of Islam by the same method. they KILL them when they find them.

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