Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Love and Compassion"

That's what AG Loretta Lynch is calling for after the Dallas atrocity. She says, “The answer is never violence.” Which is about the stupidest thing I've ever heard an Attorney General say. The answer IS violence. Violence to oppose the violence visited upon us. That shooter didn't kill any more cops after the police chief painted the walls of that garage with his body fluids. Violence ENDED his attack. No trials. No spending millions of dollars to convict him of a crime. No publicity for his “cause.” Just death—which is what he richly deserved.

SHE'S LYING AGAIN: Hillary recently said, “A guy walked up to me on the street today and told me a majority wanted gun control.” You try and “walk up to Hillary” on the street! You'd never get through the circle of ARMED guards surrounding her. And they might just KILL you for DARING to approach her! I get very tired of damned fool politicians like Hillary telling me I can't defend myself while she hides behind many armed guards that I pay for. It's like Harry Reid's “imaginary friend” who told him Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes. Completely bogus, as usual.

IT'S ALL RACISM: As usual, that “race whore,” Al Sharpie....er, Sharpton is twisting things to support his phony racism meme. He says the NRA hasn't said a word in support of the two black men who were supposedly LEGALLY carrying guns when shot to death by a cop “because he had a gun.” Maybe Al baby just hasn't been listening. Which is why he never heard what they have said. He says”Maybe the NRA thinks the Second Amendment is only for white people.” which is PERVERSION of a twist, the kind he is known for. Maybe he should SHUT UP once in a while so he could hear what other people say, which is usually drowned out by the sound of his voice.

IT AMAZES ME: I just heard Bernie Sanders drone on and on in support of the woman he hates the most in the world, Hillary Clinton, as he “endorsed” her. Though it sounded mostly like an endorsement of himself until he got to that part. But it really does amaze me how a politician who has VILIFIED another can turn around and PRAISE that politician right after calling her the biggest a**hole in the world. It's the same on the GOP side. A man Trump has vilified now being PRAISED by him. Damn politics! I'll never understand it.

ARE POLICE FORCES RACIST? Obama says police forces in this country are systemically racist. Never mind that many police forces have black people in top positions. Never mind that many MAYORS (some in the South) are black. So how would police forces be SYSTEMICALLY racist? They don't cite EVIDENCE, because there isn't any. Except that which they have TWISTED to make it LOOK like systemic racism. It promotes their agenda to make us THINK there is systemic racism in ALL police forces, but it isn't true, as usual. Like the Michael Brown fiasco in Ferguson, MO, which they TWISTED to make us think it was racism when a monstrous black kid who richly DESERVED to die was killed while trying to kill a good cop. That lie persists to this day.

OUTRAGED BY FACTS: Rudy Giuliani says the “Black Lives Matter” movement is inherently racist, and that makes the liberal “talking heads” on CNN have “brain explosions.” The facts are there, and that outrages them. The very concept of “Black Lives Matter” while they violently oppose anybody who suggests that ALL lives matter makes it racist, on it's face. But they can't see it. They are “selectively myopic.” The fact that BLM approves of the killing of cops escapes their notice. They just can't understand why ANYBODY would think BLM is racist.

GINSBERG TO MOVE TO NEW ZEALAND? Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg promises to move to New Zealand if Trump wins the presidency. Like most fools who promise to leave America, she probably won't, but if she does, all I can say is, “good riddance.” All she does is make decisions that HURT American freedoms, so who needs her? That will allow Trump to name her successor and make the court a little more favorable to human beings.

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