Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh, Gimme A BREAK!

Now they're saying Melania Trump's dress at the RNC when she spoke was racist. Because it was WHITE! They'd say the same if it was BLACK! Or if it was any other color because it's COLORED! They want to take ANY excuse to call a Republican racist. But that ploy is getting very thin.They've overused it so much that it's beginning to mean NOTHING. Every day, they come out with another word in common usage that they say is “code word” for racism. The only racism I can see these days is black against WHITE racism, and it's becoming the law!

THAT OFFENDS ME! It's pretty bad when a child in school reciting the Pledge of Allegiance “offends” somebody and because of that, they eliminate it from a child's morning routine in school. THAT offends ME! If you can't pledge allegiance to your own country, something's very, very wrong. People are way too easily offended these days, and the “authorities” are way too quick to change things, based on one or two people “getting offended.” The easiest-offended people on the planet these days are Muslims, and politicians are way toO quick to react in their favor. If that offends a Muslim, nasty break. Ask me if I care.

SO HILLARY WON! Surprise, surprise! That's been fixed from the beginning, and they somehow “bought off” Bernie so he would be fully on board for her fixed nomination. Maybe it was that airplane Democrats are supposed to have bought him,. The “fix” has been so transparent, it's a wonder ANYBODY doesn't see it. The “super delegate” thing is the most obvious, but I'd bet there are many more things that have been done behind the scenes.
Bernie wasn't supposed to win, and when he almost did, it scared the hell out of them. So they had to buy him off.

HANDS IN THE AIR! No, I'm not talking about that “big lie” in Ferguson, MO, where a giant thug who was trying to kill a cop got killed. I'm talking about Hillary on the “giant screen” at the DNC and people jumping up and down with hands held high, their eyes glazed over, celebrating this criminal fool. People celebrating the image of such a criminal makes me sick! What has this country come to when so many people celebrate the ascendancy of a socialist who never did ANYTHING right? And the idea of her husband, an IMPEACHED president, back in the White House not only offends me, it makes me sicker.

STUPID VOTERS: It sickens me how many people actually APPROVE of what Hillary has done in the past, and what they hope she'll do in the future. Enough so, they want to elect this socialist fool president! It sickens me even more to see the fervent favor of others, for Bernie, another socialist! Don't these fools understand that they're voting themselves into slavery, just like they did in Russia? The tragedy that befell Russia was VOTED in! It kept them in slavery for 75 years! And we're going in the same direction. There should definitely be INTELLIGENCE tests for voters. But there never will be. Our politicians are too dumb.

HILLARY LOVES A LIAR: That's the only explanation I can see as to why she immediately hired Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her campaign right after Debbie lost her job as DNC Chair for being a corrupt liar. That old saw, “Birds of a feather flock together” is definitely at work, here. Hillary is second only to Obama as top liar in this administration, so she wants to get all the other liars in her camp. She's already got Bill and Barack. Now she has a threesome.

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