Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chicago: 33 Shootings

Over the July 4 weekend, alone. In Chicago, where they have some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. Some of them so tough they have been declared unconstitutional. Yet their “bad guys” keep getting guns, and create “shooting galleries” in spite of a thousand new cops on the street, supposedly to put a stop to it. When are the “powers that be” going to learn that the kind of anti-gun laws they now pass are USELESS? And that the only answer is to allow law-abiding people to own and carry their own guns? Notice those cops don't often get shot because they have guns.

GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD: That's what Hillary got today, after months of investigation and millions of dollars spent. The FBI recommends NO charges against Hillary, although “she should have known better.” The key is they could find no evidence of INTENT to release classified information. Does this mean General Patraeus MEANT to release classified information to his mistress? Talk about a “double standard.” On the same day, a judge ruled in another case that INTENT was not required.

NO ID TO VOTE: But ID is required to get a gun. Another double standard fostered by the Democrats, who don't want any impediment to their stealing elections, which they are so good at. That's how they win most of their elections, and if ANY election is a “close thing,” you can count on a Democrat to win. To NOT require picture ID to vote is CRIMINAL because it makes it impossible to identify multiple time voters (who usually vote for Democrats). It also makes it easier to stuff the ballot box, which some Democrats do openly.

FBI “CLEARS” HILLARY: They said no charges are recommended for her because she didn't “intend” to do damage to the US by using an unsecured e-mail server. Never mind releasing such information could get people killed. That's a thin excuse for “the fix being in” and somebody “got to” the FBI Director. “Intent” makes no difference. Just USING such a server for sensitive government communications is a violation of the law. Just as the AG needs not follow their recommendation TO file charges, she doesn't need to follow them NOT to file charges. DOJ should file charges and “let the chips fall where they may.” But that'd probably get her killed.

AIR FORCE ONE TO CAMPAIGN: Obama and Hillary used Air Force One to go to a campaign stop, which raises the question. “Who pays?” The whole situation stinks to high heavens. First, Bill meets the AG. Next, DOJ goes to court to stall release of Hillary e-mails until LONG after the election. Then Hillary spends 3 hours lying to the FBI, and next, the FBI announces that no charges would be filed against her even though she clearly broke the law, because the “didn't intend to.” Since when has that made any difference? Breaking the law is breaking the law. Unless “the fix is in.” Then she and Obama use Air Force One to go campaigning. They don't even CARE if we KNOW they're corrupt, any more.

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