Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bad Gun Laws

There' are several big problems with the gun laws they make, so far: they don't work. And they violate the constitutional rights of American citizens. The Constitutional amendment reserving our right to be armed is short and sweet, and easily understood (except for the anti-gun fools who twist it for their own purposes). Gun-free zones are an open invitation to mass shooters, who would rather not be killed by anybody there as they kill a bunch of people. At least, not until they get their work done. Registration lists only list those who buy their guns LEGALLY, which criminals don't. Neither do Islamic terrorists, which are becoming more and more of a problem in America.

SCHUMER DOESN'T UNDERSTAND: Sen. Chuckie Schumer apparently doesn't understand how the Constitution works. Since he is in the law-making business, he should, since the Constitution underpins ALL our laws. If it doesn't conform to the Constitution, it cannot be a law in this country. But he apparently doesn't know that, because he thinks you can violate it, at will. with a statute, simply by saying, “it's an emergency.” He wants to do that with the Second Amendment, which is the only way he can get his stupid gun laws passed.

STATUTE CAN'T LIMIT CONSTITUTION: It's a well-known matter of law that a statute CANNOT limit a constitutional provision. It has been tried, many times, but has always been declared null and void by the courts. The Constitution is the SUPERIOR form of law to the statute. The statute MUST conform to constitutional provisions, or it cannot be a law. Not the other way around. Some lawmakers just don't understand this, and their ignorance leads to bad law.

GUN SHOWS: DANGEROUS? According to anti-gun fools, gun shows are a dangerous place, because so many people there are armed. But they aren't. In fact, they are very safe places. Nobody has ever successfully robbed anybody at a gun show. And nobody has ever shot somebody who bumped into them at a gun show. People at gun shows are very courteous and polite. Robert Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society,” and for a good reason. Which should be a good lesson to the anti-gun fools, but it isn't.

WHO GOT TO COLMEY? The FBI Director has a reputation for being “beyond reproach.” So why did he refuse to recommend charging an obvious lawbreaker for her crimes? How did they get to him? Did they threaten his family? They couldn't threaten to fire him. He'd quit rather than do something he thought was wrong. But if his family was in danger, it might be different. To indict or not to indict Hillary, who is the Democrat “chosen one” is certainly important enough for the Democrats to pull out all the stops. And don't think they won't.

HE HATES GUNS: Meanwhile, Matt Damon has starred in numerous movies that had him burning a lot of (blank) ammunition. Without guns, he wouldn't have had a career. But he thinks America should have gun laws similar to those in Australia. Never mind the Constitution (which Australia doesn't have) prevents it. Way too many otherwise intelligent people (we think) just don't understand that. They just don't understand that we don't need gun control, we need PEOPLE control. The gun is not the problem. The person HOLDING the gun can be.

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