Monday, July 4, 2016

Feds Muzzling Orlando

They're “muzzling” the Orlando authorities. What makes them think they have the POWER to do so is a mystery, but they're trying, anyway. Orlando authorities aren't subject to “orders” from Obama. He can jump up and down, lie down on the floor and kick and scream all he wants, but they don't have to “obey” him. Somebody needs to tell him that. It's just like his efforts to hide all the details of the Benghazi killings, but that's a federal thing. So he can get away with it—for a while. But the facts WILL eventually leak out. He hopes he will be long gone by then.

BLAME GLOBAL WARMING: The Global warming swindle (Oops. Sorry. They're now calling their swindle “climate change” so they can attribute ANY change in climate to it, and say it's “man-caused”) is one of the biggest swindles yer inflicted by our government upon us to allow them to make more and more laws and “regulations” while making us pay for it. It started out as a private swindle that made AlGore a billionaire. But Obama took it up and is now promoting it harder than Al ever did.

IT'S NOT RACISM! Everything the liberals don't like, they say is racism. And that's getting old. We're “onto them.” Trump ran an ad that featured a “sheriff's star,” and they insisted it was a thinly-disguised “Star of David,” making it racist. Of course, any time a Republican depicts a “Star of David,” it HAS to be “racist.” They don't have anything else, so they make up things to gripe about. I'd hate to be a Democrat. They have to lie a lot because there is nothing TRUTHFUL they can say about Trump to hurt him.

HOW ABOUT “GUNOPHOBIA?” Gays have gotten a lot of mileage out of their made-up word, “homophobia,” while Islamic terrorists have made hay with “Islamaphobia.” Others have used this scam with varying degrees of success. Maybe it's time for those who wish to maintain their right to self defense, and to own the means to it, a gun. Call anti-gun fools, “gunophobes,” which imputes a mental aberration to wanting to disarm the populace.

WHY CAN'T SHE ESCAPE? No matter how she tries, Hillary can't escape the stigma of being the Secretary of State who sent out a “stand down” order and allowed four American heroes to die "on her watch.” She wonders why. It doesn't occur to her that she is directly responsible for the deaths of four innocent people, and America knows it. She can ask, “What difference does it make” all she wants, and the answer is simple. It makes a LOT of difference to those victims, and their families. And to others who have lost their lives in defense of their country.

NO JOY IN VIEWVILLE: Joy Behar abruptly announced she is quitting “The View.” One wonders why, but it's really not important. That entire show is so worthless they might as well ALL quit, so liberal politicians won't feel obligated to prop up it's poor performance by an appearance. One of the worst examples of someone who is a waste of oxygen ever since she took up political commentary as part of this show is Whoopi Goldberg (what kind of a name is that?). And every time hear her name, I think about somebody breaking wind. But that's just me.

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