Saturday, July 30, 2016

Which Concerns Them More?

Which concerne liberals more? Islamic terrorism, or climate change. Well, actually, it's climate change, which is a total swindle they've “bought,” in order to be able to make more restrictive laws and regulations. Never mind Islamic terrorists behead little girls AND adults, kill innocent people for not being their kind of Muslim, and just for being in a crowd of people and “easy targets.” How many people has climate change murdered? Damn, these people are STUPID!

POPE AT AUSHWITZ: He visited the scene of so many murders of Jews committed by Nazis at the orders of Adolph Hitler. He prayed for the forgiveness of the Lord for such cruelty. But he never mentioned the complete lack of any act of condemnation from the Pope then in power. It's easy to ask for forgiveness for something you had no part in. Of course, he is very ambivalent about today's problems, including Islamic terrorism. It seems to matter not that Muslims are killing wantonly all over the world for their “religion.” He still cannot find it in his heart to condemn them.

THE REAL ENEMY: Hillary has enjoyed the fiction of being a front-runner, when all she had in opposition to her was an ancient, wild-haired, irritating socialist, and the “dirty tricks” of the Democrat Party to prop her up. Now she's actually facing her REAL “enemy,” she's losing ground, fast. Only a day after the DNC, when she should be “getting a bump,” Trump is leading her. And it can only get worse, for her, as time goes on. The Democrats are finding it harder to prop her up now that she's facing Trump directly. They cannot control the rules between her and Trump like they did between her and Bernie.

AMERICA'S ALREADY GREAT”: That's according to Obama. As you know, he's prone to making outrageously stupid statements we all know are lies, and this is yet another one. America will never be great as long as he is in office, or one of his acolytes (notably Hillary) is in office (which I fervently hope never happens). America is NOT “great” now. Not with us owing close to $20 TRILLION dollars, and unemployment as high as it has ever been, with MILLIONS of unemployed giving up on EVER finding another job, and thus leaving the work force, allowing him to come out with false figures on the percentage of the work force that is unemployed.

MOSBY'S AFTER THE COPS: Instead of owning up to her own shortcomings, she is now blaming the cops for a “sloppy investigation” for her rushing to judgment and filing murder charges against six innocent cops in the self-inflicted death of Freddy Gray. If there wasn't sufficient evidence to gain a conviction, a COMPETENT prosecutor would have known it. But Mosby, in her zeal to “get” some cops, rushed to file charges she KNEW were false. Now she's in BIG TROUBLE.

RACIST RULING: A judge has decided N. Carolina's voter ID laws are “racist,” because they unduly affect blacks. Where the hell does he get that? Are blacks too STUPID to get a photo ID card? Are they too broke? Can't they figure out how to get one? Or are they too busy selling dope on a street corner to bother? That's RACIST! Liberals love to call everything they don't like racist, but this is not just something I don't like. It's evidence of that judge's racism. And his stupidity. He needs to be relieved of his duties for his stupidity.

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