Saturday, July 9, 2016

Racist Art Festival

They're having a racist art festival in Denver this weekend. Why do I call it “racist?”: It's the “BLACK Arts Festival.” And they just can't understand the contradiction that exposes. What if next week we had a WHITE Arts Festival? The same people who run the BLACK Arts Festival would be demonstrating and calling THAT “racist.” They just don't understand that ELIMINATING white artists from their festival; IS racist . And their small minds will never admit it. I am NOT saying their minds are “small” because they're black, but just because they can't see the disconnect here. Of course, they'll call ME racist for saying this.

BLACKS ARE IN DANGER! So let's DISARM them!" That's the message sent by that fool in the White House. He's importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill us for not converting to their religion. At the same time he tells us that cops are “out to kill” blacks, which is totally FALSE. And his answer? DISARM them! I think it's all part of his scheme to CREATE chaos in this country, so he can use it to his advantage. Him and other liberals. One of his former lieutenants once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And of course, if there isn't one, CREATE one.

THE NRA IS AT FAULT! That's what the anti-gun fools tell us about that cop killing a black man who was reaching for his ID. Their theory is that if he wasn't a licensed carrier, that frightened cop wouldn't have shot him, which is about as stupid a way of thinking as there is. This is the kind of thinking that is common among anti-gun fools. Their thinking is faulty at the beginning. That think all they have to do is make a LAW against something, and that will do it. The cop is now saying he had a gun in his lap. Which is NOT an excuse to immediately shoot him. He wasn't threatening anybody with it. Owning a gun does NOT merit a death sentence!

BENGHAZI IMPORTANT: The country is enraged about FBI Director Comey's not recommending Hillary be prosecuted for her e-mail felonies after detailing her crimes, and AG Lynch's immediate closing of the case. But not enough attention is being given to Benghazi, where FOUR innocent people DIED because of Hillary's INCOMPETENCE, or just simple lack of interest in keeping them alive, to bother. That's something she should be indicted for, and when found guilty, spend the rest of her life in prison. But that'll never happen as long as liberal bureaucrats are in charge of the justice system and are ruled by politics.

$15 AN HOUR? For flipping burgers and using a computerized cash register to tell you how much change to give because you can't do it in your head as kids everywhere used to be able to do? I'm pushing 80 and haven't used a cash register in years, and I can still do it. Nobody should make more money than people holding IMPORTANT jobs that require training and skill make. If kids think they're not making enough, they should go out and LEARN something that makes them WORTH more money! The minimum wage wasn't designed for people supporting a family. It is a BEGINNER'S WAGE, designed to allow employers to hire kids that KNOW NOTHING, and train them so they can make more LATER. If you're raising a family and are still in a minmum wage job, that's YOUR fault! You need to do something about that, and I don't mean bullying employers to pay more for NOTHING. That'll only get you unemployed.

STATE REOPENS QUERY: Hey, great! We're gonna spend a lot MORE money "investigating" Hillary so we can let her go. Again. It keeps a lot of people employed. It isn't enough that we've already spent millions on an investigation that uncovered MUCH lawbreaking on her part, only for her to be “turned loose” by the head of the FBI after he detailed her felonies to the world. Now the current State Dept. Is getting into the act. I wonder how many years and how many millions they will spend before again “turning her loose?” Will she be president by then? Maybe a 2-term ex president.

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