Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ignoring A Major Factor

The people who make a “big thing” about police shooting of blacks overlook a major factor. Blacks commit more crimes than do white people, so they're much more likely to take “pot-shots” at cops, leading to their own demise at the hands of TRAINED cops. The fools that do the crimes are often completely untrained in proper gun handling and aim, while cops are NOT. They usually hit what they aim at, while the thugs do not. So they're much more likely to kill that black man. The same applies to prisons, where activists protest the higher number of black prisoners in prison while ignoring the fact that more black people are criminals than are white people. Of course, they'll call me a racist for that. That's all they have.

IT'S A THIN LINE: Protesters who advise killing cops claim First Amendment protection for their statements, but to do so is like hollering “fire” in a crowded theater when there is none. There should be a provision made for people making statements advising MURDER that puts them in prison. Inciting to violence should not be “protected speech.” They use that amendment to support their admonitions to kill people for supporting other amendments.

HOW'S HILLARY MAINTAINING? They're still showing polls that have Hillary either leading or tied with Trump. How is that possible? She's a CRIMINAL. FBI director Comey detailed her crimes, but declined  not to recommend indicting her in a clearly political action. She has NOT “been cleared.” She will only not be indicted for her crimes. Trump is an honest man without a breath of scandal, except that “ponied up” by Democrats. Why isn't he way out ahead? I put it down to phony polls, taken in the DNC lobby.

ELIMINATING THE COPS: That's what some of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd want. They're not thinking clearly when they want this. The cops are a “:thin blue line” between us and chaos. Without them, we would spend all our time fighting the very people who WANT to eliminate the police. And that without training or the proper equipment. But maybe that's what they want. Free access to the people they want to victimize without police interference. Eliminating the cops is a pipe dream, and will never happen in my lifetime. I hope.

NEW BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: They say they're getting a “new 'iron lady”.” But are they? Will she be an “iron lady?” I don't know. And neither do the Brits. We can only hope she will, and will properly lead Great Britain toward independence and the right to make their own decisions, unfettered by the wishes of other, less stable governments in Europe. I wish her well, and hope she moves in the right direction.

VIOLENCE AT RNC CONVENTION? The Islamic terrorists like to strike at “soft targets” that are not likely to be able to fight back effectively before they're able to kill a bunch of people. A “great plum” for them is the Republican National Convention, where the Republican candidate is officially chosen. That might seem to be a “soft target” to them, in their ignorance. But security there is very tight, and they have weapons there we will never see unless they're needed. If they attack there, they will DIE. It's that simple. If they're smart, they'll stay away.

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