Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Darryl Glenn Attacks Obama"

The news headline is this: “Glenn uses his convention speech to attack Obama.” So, the hell WHAT? Obama is the primary target of the Republicans! Yes, he's not on the ballot. But his policies are. And a vote for Hillary is a vote for a continuation of his ruinous policies for at least another four years, possibly another EIGHT years. That's IF there are enough IGNORANT voters to re-elect her, too. So is it any surprise that GOP Senate hopeful Darryl Glenn would attack Obama? Did anybody expect him to attack Trump? Damn! Some of these headline writers are really dumb!

TRUTH-BOMBING HILLARY: Rudy Giuliani last night, in his speech, did one of the better jobs of pillorying Hillary for her “sins.” He “lit into her with a big stick” about her letting four brave people DIE when she COULD have sent them help, and didn't. One of the stupidest moves she made as Secretary of State was to give that “stand down” order to nearby troops who could have helped. Of course, she denies giving that order, and will deny it to her dying day. But those in the field HEARD her, and some defied that order and saved some lives. Unfortunately not those of the unlucky four.

PLAGIARISM? Liberals are making a “big thing” out of the “similar words” to those of Michelle Obama Trump's wife, uttered in her speech before an earlier DNC Convention. Of course, it's not her fault. It's the fault of the speechwriter who wrote that speech. But if that's all they've got, they're in big trouble. But they're in big trouble, anyway. All they've got to run is a criminal mastermind who has “weaseled” her way into the Democrat nomination after getting away with breaking many laws. That's why they're grasping at straws. She couldn't even stay very far ahead of that ADMITTED socialist they ran against her to make us think she had some real competition without “stacking the deck” in her favor.

NRA'S TWISTED VISION”: That's what the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence calls the NRA drive to retain our Second Amendment rights, which they're trying HARD to take away. They call it a “twisted vision,” in hopes of diminishing it in people's eyes, which is all they've got. Actually, they're the ones with a “twisted vision.”The “laws” they get passed don't work. Instead of REDUCING “gun violence,” they INCREASE it. But they'll never admit it, because that will mean the blood of those killed is on their hands.

NOBODY SHOWED UP: They called an anti-gun demonstration and nobody showed up. Okay. I'm wrong, FOUR people showed up. A “clear majority” of people who hate guns, of course (hee, hee). It's the same with “Moms Against guns(or something like that)”. They can't seem to get nearly as many people to their demonstrations as they used to. Poor babies! Moms called for a “massive showing” and reserved a large space for all the people they expected. They even told people they'd have to register in advance for a planned showing of Katie Couric's selectively edited anti-gun “documentary” due to “lack of space.” Then ONE person showed up, and that one was an “anti-Trumper.”

YOU NEED TO LEAVE”: That's what a Taco Bell employee told a couple of sheriff's deputies trying to buy dinner. In other words, according to that dimbulb employee, law enforcement is “not welcome here.” Okay, they'll accept that. So when someone comes in with a gun and robs them, they won't respond, by their request. And it will be this employee's fault. The Taco Bell corporate offices investigated the incident, and that employee was FIRED, as she should have been. So I guess this Taco Bell will not be ignored if they call for help. The sheriff told citizens not to boycott Taco Bell (as many had planned), as this was the action of ONE employee and not approved by corporate.

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