Sunday, July 3, 2016

Will Hillary "Steamroll" Trump?

That's the question being asked in Democrat circles now, hoping to make it come true. Actually, there's NO CHANCE of that. More likely, if Trump is “true to form” in the general election, he will steamroll HER! She is facing several felony investigations, which will definitely have an effect on voters (except for Democrats, of course, who would vote for her if she committed murder on national television). I think there will be enough Republican voters “come out of the woodwork” to make it happen, since all but Democrats are “fed up” with the things liberals have been doing to us. That will signal the “death knell” for her presidential aspirations.

YOU DIDN'T HEAR ABOUT IT: You didn't hear about this shooting in the liberal media. Why? Because it was stopped by a legally-armed person in the crowd, who shot the shooter, which puts the lie to the anti-gun fools' contention that people like that can't stop mass shootings.. Jody Ray Thompson opened fire on a crowd outside a nightclub after getting into an argument with another man. This won't be put on the list of “mass shootings,” because nobody was killed. Mass shootings are defined as a shooting in which four or more people are killed. So it won't be added to the “mass shooting statistics.” But it proves yet again that somebody in the crowd with a legal gun can make all the difference in the world. It also shows the way to stop, or at least slow down gun violence would be to get rid of all the “gun-free zones.”

WHAT? ME WORRY? That's what that smug bureaucrat running the Homeland Security agency is telling us. “Go on out and put yourself in danger. Go to events that put lots of people together in one place—making you a prime target for Islamic terrorists. Don't worry. Be calm. But if you see something suspicious, tell somebody.” Usually a tired, bored bureaucrat who will not take you seriously until it's too late. But don't worry. We'll keep you safe. (choke, kaff, koff!) Sorry. He choked on that statement.

400% MORE CHRISTIANS! The latest figures on how many Christians are among the “Syrian refugees” tell us the number of Christians is up 400%. What they don't tell us is the number of “refugees” now numbers 2,300! That's 8 out of 2,300 (up from 2 out if 1500) admitted, who are Christians. The rest are Muslim men of fighting age. And Obama still claims they aren't a danger to Americans when the Islamic terrorists, themselves, tell us there ARE Islamic terrorists among them. It's gonna be a lot of fun killing them when they come to kill us!

THAT'S IT! HILLARY'S DEAD: Obama and his vice-accomplice are due to come out of the closet and actively campaign for her. So far, everybody Obama has come out in support of has LOST. So she's “dead in the water” and she doesn't know it. Trump won't have to work very hard to crush her. It's already been done by the :kiss of death” of Obama supporting her. If Obama learned about me, he'd probably hate me. Which is okay with me. I don't think I could stand it if he liked me.

THE “FIX IS IN!” Donald Trump has put into words what all INTELLIGENT people know. Hillary will NOT be indicted. At least, not until we get a new president whose name is not Clinton or Sanders. Obama is firmly on her side because she promised to continue his policies uninterrupted. So he'll do everything he can, including election fraud, to get her elected. But it ain't gonna work. Enough people are “waking up” to his scam that the Democrats are going to lose this election, BIG. And THEN she will be indicted—and convicted. And maybe Obama, too.

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