Friday, July 8, 2016

She Broke the Law!

But we don't recommend prosecuting her. I agree that this action keeps her in the presidential race while detailing her crimes will make it more difficult for her to be elected. The feeling is that NOT removing her from consideration will make it easier for Republicans to win because to do so would bring that buffoon, “Ol' Joe” into it. For some reason, they think Joe is a “formidable candidate.”. The future president will still have the option to jail her. If the next president is Trump, she's a “dead woman waddling,” but she doesn't know it.

CONGRESS “HAVING TROUBLE:” Obama says the Congress is “having trouble moving legislation forward.” No, they're NOT. They're purposely BLOCKING as much of his pipe dream legislation as they can, hoping to save this nation from his foolishness. He certainly knows how to twist things to suit himself. When Congress doesn't act to suit him, he calls them a “do-nothing Congress.” But they're not “do-nothing,” they're doing their JOB in opposing his stupidities and atrocities.

STUPIDITY IN DALLAS: People wonder why police officers are on edge, and quick to shoot in any situation. They completely discount the “open season” there is on cops from the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. One of the previous worst atrocities attributed to this movement is the Texas cop who was shot to death while he fueled his car. Now that has been replaced by the shootings of 12 cops from ambush, killing 5, that occurred in Dallas. The senselessness of that action approaches idiocy, but fortunately the perpetrator is dead. But there are way too many fools still out there who blame the cops for their own stupidity.

MORE “GUN CONTROL”: I can't explain the complete INCOMPETENCE of our leaders in the “gun violence” debate. Every time there is a mass shooting by a man with an ILLEGAL gun, they come out INSTANTLY and demand more laws against guns in the hands of law-abiding people, who aren't the problem. The people who ARE the problem will continue to get their guns ILLEGALLY. Meanwhile, incompetent politicians like Barack Obama will demand more and more of the absurdly INEFFECTIVE “gun laws” that have done NOTHING to stop gun violence.

COMEY IS IGNORANT: FBI Director Comey must be ignorant. He is widely regarded as completely honest and reliable, and not subject to political pressure in his job. So the only explanation for his LACK of a recommendation for indictment of Hillary Clinton is ignorance or stupidity. For some reason, he seems to be ignorant of the law as it affects Hillary Clinton. He detailed the MANY WAYS she violated the law in her handling of classified information in her e-mails, and the establishment of a private server for them in the first place, which is a violation in itself. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Nor is lack of INTENT, and he, of all people should be aware of that.

NOT SMART ENOUGH?” He didn't use those exact words, but the ones he did use meant the same thing. FBI Director Comey said, “Hillary might not be sophisticated enough to understand the classified system.” If she isn't “smart enough” to understand that, what the HELL is she doing being Secretary of State? Just being in that office requires more sophistication (smarts) than it takes to understand how that system works. And if she isn't “sophisticated enough,” she has no business holding that office—ever.

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