Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rejecting Religion

Democrats are liberals. Liberals REJECT religion, just like the communists did, in Russia. The Democrats have historically been the RACIST PARTY. It was Democrats Martin Luther King demonstrated against. Jim Crow was a Democrat. So how does the DNC open it's national convention? With a black choir singing a Christian hymn! Of course, pandering to Christians AND blacks. And of course, when they read this, they will accuse ME of racism.

MAN BLOWS HIMSELF UP: He blew himself up in a fit of anger when he was refused admittance to a music festival in Germany. He was the only fatality, though he injured 12 people in the blast. A year ago, he was refused refugee status by Germany (he didn't blow anybody up then), though they let him stay because of the war in his country. Who was this guy? A “Syrian refugee!” He, and several other “Syrian refugees” have been arrested or killed while murdering Germans. They prove, over and over, that we are correct when we say we are being “infiltrated” by Muslim terrorists POSING as “Syrian refugees.”

SANDERS PROMISED A PLANE: Well, that's the headline I read in a post from the “Blacksphere.” But I couldn't get through the murky writing to see how it happened, so I'm telling you this only as a rumor. Knowing the Democrats though, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it turned out to be true. Democrats like to spend other people's money, and if they can get rid of Bernie by buying him an airplane, they'd do it. That's how they win elections One way, anyway. Bernie was a “throwaway” from the beginning. They never expected him to get NEAR winning. When he did, it scared the hell out of them.

TERRORISTS KILLS PRIEST: Right in his church, in front of his congregation. They made him kneel, then slit his throat. And on top of that, they videoed it.. According to the dispatch, the killers were ISIS, and were rightly killed, themselves, outside the church. What's it going to take for the world to get up on it's hind legs and devote ALL possible resources to the ENDING of Islamic terrorism by killing all the Islamic terrorists? I don't even know how they can be so low as to even come up with the things they do. They're full of sick minds.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE? I asked that question above. But it demands more asking. In America, Muslims get preferential treatment when they do stupid things like taking jobs delivering beer, refuse to do it, are fired, sue, and get a six figure “award” from a really STUPID judge. And these are the “peaceful Muslims.” When we allow Muslims in, the murder rates immediately go up, but politicians still try and minimize their outrages. Are they STUPID, or are they IN FAVOR of the Muslims winning? When ARE we going to devote ALL RESOURCES to ENDING this “cancer on the world?” Before, or after they win?

THE TURKISH CRACKDOWN: After the abortive “uprising” in Turkey, President Erdogan has mounted such a reprisal that soon the only Turkish citizen left outside of his prisons will be 'Erdogan, himself. His Muslim grip on the country has been strengthened, and he now completely controls the military AND the media. He is the “net gainer” from the uprising. Leading one to wonder if he didn't start it, himself, to “shake out” all his opponents. And I'd bet Obama is watching, and learning.

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