Thursday, July 7, 2016

Clinton and Lynch

Does anybody believe that Bill Clinton was “just walking around on the airport tarmac one day” when he found out AG Loretta Lynch's plane was there, and “stopped by to talk about their grandchildren?” Or that it was “just by chance” that the DOJ, which she runs, went to court to get Hillary's e-mail release delayed until WAY after the election the same day? When was the last time ANYBODY was allowed to just “walk around” on an airport tarmac?

DOG AND PONY SHOW: On my television, which is right beside me as I work, is the congressional “grilling” of FBI Director Comey about his decision NOT to prosecute Hillary Clinton for violating the laws regarding the handling of classified information for government employees. From the questions I hear, and the demeanor of MOST of the committee members, it's “dog and pony show” designed to get “face time” for various congress members, and nothing else. One member actually SAID that the members could NOT be impartial, on EITHER side, and he was right.

KILL THE NRA”: An Adjunct Professor at Southern State Community college has advocated SH0OTING the top executives of the NRA so they could get anti-gun legislation passed. Guns in the hands of those executives killing the killers notwithstanding, they'd have to seek out, and kill ALL the millions of members. That's a “disconnect” they don't even understand. They're advocating taking GUNS and KILLING the very people who advocate their right to USE a gun for anything. The school is considering his dismissal.

ENVYING INCOMPETENCE: The mayor of Louisville, KY wishes he had anti-gun laws similar to those in Chicago in his city. Notwithstanding there have been 2,026 gun violence cases SO FAR this year in Chicago, in SPITE of those laws. That their gun violence statistics EXCEED those of BOTH Los Angeles and New York City. That seems to be just a tad INCOMPETENT, to me. I guess it's true that if it's a stupid law, they'll pass it in Kentucky. That's because of stupid politicians like this. I think it's instructive that he is a Democrat.

REMOVE HER CLEARANCE: The government should revoke the security clearance of Hillary Clinton because of her carelessness in handling state secrets in the past. If she has no more consideration than that about classified information, she has no business having any kind of a security clearance. Yes, that would probably make her ineligible to be president, which is just one good thing that would come from revoking her clearance. But nobody has the gonads to do it.

BACK TO COOLING? I've made a big thing of the fact that, in the seventies, they were worried about global COOLING,” and then “flip-flopped” into “global WARMING” and expected us to get excited about a ONE DEGREE increase in global temperature over 100 years, and their contention that it was “man caused.” Now they're considering going back to the “danger of a new ice age” concept again. Maybe if they'd make up their minds, somebody might take them more seriously. I think they've already discredited themselves.

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