Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gowdy Did It!

He “got the goods” on Hillary. But the "powers that be” are trying mightily to deny it, claiming there is “nothing new” in his report. If they'll just READ the report (which they won't), they'd find all the damning revelations it contains. But the only people who would read such a report are the lawyers—if they had a reason to do so. And since the Democrats want to suppress the report, they never will, so they can continue to LIE, and claim “there's nothing new here.” Move along, people!

WHAT CRASH? British Markets have recouped just about all the Pre-Brexit losses, and U. S. Markets soon will, as predicted here the other day. The people who deal in money are smarter than they appeared after Britain left the EU. A simple look at the overall chart of the market levels, you'll see that, even though there are way too many people “in the market” who have no idea of that. They think of the market as “volatile” and react to daily events without examining the market as a whole. To their detriment, and the advantage of those who do, and buy the valuable stocks they sell in their panic.

BANNING DISSENSION: Global Warming fools don't like it when people oppose their swindle with facts. No more than Islamic terrorists like it when people “say mean (true) things” about them. Since neither group can answer the criticism, they want to PUNISH the critics. Both groups are trying (with the help of the Democrats) to STIFLE dissent by making it illegal, sometimes punishable by PRISON. This, in spite of the fact that such dissension is protected by the Constitution. They don't care about that. They think if somebody disagrees with their fool notions, they ought to be PUNISHED, sometimes severely.

ISIS IS NOT WINNING! Obama and other fools are saying ISIS is winning the war they started because they attacked that Turkish airport. They're NOT. They were just thrown out of Falluja, their “showcase victory city” in Iraq. That doesn't mean they've LOST, either. But the only reason they only SEEM to be winning is that we aren't fighting them effectively under Obama's stupid “rules of engagement" and his refusal to even NAME the enemy, or admit they ARE the enemy.

CLINTON VISITS WITH LYNCH: Bill Clinton was reported to be in Phoenix playing golf (a 70-year-old man with a serious heart history, playing golf in 108 degree weather), and met with Loretta Lynch, the current AG in a private plane on the tarmac of the airport. And she says they didn't talk about Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept. Do you believe that all they talked about was family matters, grandchildren, and such? Do you really think they didn't discuss the elephant in the room, Hillary's problems with the Justice Dept.? A Democrat might believe that, but human beings don't. They're too intelligent. If you think they weren't talking about “the fix being in” for Hillary, you ain't too smart. But if you're reading this, you're “smarter than the average bear.” so you aren't going to believe that fairy tale.

FASCIST PARTY PLANK: Prosecuting people who don't agree with the official party swindle called global warming (or climate change, it's new name) is now an official party plank of the Democrat Party. Never mind that's against the Constitution, which is the BASIS of all our laws. NO law can be made that is prohibited by the Constitution. But Democrats do it, all the time. And they ENFORCE them until an enlightened Court declares them unconstitutional. Then they make a new version of the law and enforce it again until IT, too, is declared unconstitutional. They can't answer our questions, so they are going out of their way to shut us up without having to answer.

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