Monday, July 25, 2016

Debbie's Gone!

Actually, not yet. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has pledged to resign as DNC Chair on Friday. Yet for some reason they're letting her run the convention (she decided not to after she got booed) and do other things, even though she'll be gone by the end of this week. I'll never understand politics. If she's going to resign, why let her run the convention? Especially since she is resigning “under pressure?” They ought to just “send her packing” as soon as possible. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Some of her pronouncements have been really “out there.” Some of her ACTIONS worse.

EVERYBODY'S PROTESTING DEMOCRATS: Republicans are protesting Democrats. Democrats are protesting Democrats. Everybody's protesting Democrats! The Democrats protesting are doing so in support of Bernie Sanders. I just can't understand people declaring their STUPIDITY by protesting in favor of a SOCIALIST! But the Republicans, I understand. Don't they know that socialism means economic slavery? That it has failed eventually, everywhere it has been tried?

GETTIN'TIRED OF IT: It seems almost if we're in a PERMANENT election cycle. I seem to have been hearing two names for as long as I can remember: Trump and Hillary. Even hearing the names of good politicians gets old, when you hear them every day, all day, for years. But Hillary is not a “good politician.” she's a hack, that has clung to her husband's coattails and followed him through all his women, making excuses for him. Like a race driver, drafting the leader, riding in second, now she has gone around him and taken the lead. I like Trump, but I'm even getting tired of hearing HIS name. We need to simplify this election process and shorten it, so we'll get some relief from it.

HILLARY SCREECHO: I have to mute the sound on my television every time Hillary comes on. I'd do that, even if I LIKED her (which I don't), because she hates to talk in a normal voice. When she gets rolling in her speeches, she SCREECHES. It's like listening to a “fishwife” screeching as her henpecked husband. I wish she'd go somewhere, anywhere, and SHUT UP! Add to that, she spouts a steady stream of socialist horse manure, and I can't listen to her. And the next couple of weeks it's going to be “all Hillary, all the time.” I can't stand it!

KIDS LIVING IN POVERTY: The Democrats make a “big thing” over the number of “kids living in poverty” as if that were a problem CREATED by the right. It's not. It's a problem created by the “drug culture.” It used to be that parents were the ones that tried to keep their kids away from drugs. Today, the parents have JOINED the kids in misusing drugs, and they're spending money that should go for groceries and other necessary things on drugs. Necessary things like FOOD for their kids. And, as drug users, they become “useless employees”and lose their jobs. And in today's market, created by Obama, there AREN'T any jobs to be had

HERE WE GO AGAIN: Only worse. I've reported before on the wide disparity between Christians and Muslims in the supposed “Syrian refugees” Obama is importing. Before, it was only TWO Christians among about 1500 Muslims. Now the number has risen to 6,726 “refugees,” and only SIX are Christians. That pretty well CEMENTS my previous prediction that MOST of the “refugees” will be Muslims, and among them will me many Muslim TERRORISTS. Obama and his crew deny that effusively, but numbers don't lie. They're infiltrating terrorists into out midst. Look for LOCAL warfare as the Islamic terrorists do what “Allah tells them,” and kill ALL “Infidels.” All of us Christians are “Infidels.”

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