Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Nominated

You can retire the word, “presumptive” in referring to Donald Trump's nomination to be the Republican candidate for president in the national election. He needed 1237 votes, and he got more than 500 more! He got more than 1,600 votes! A LOT more than he needed. In other words, he beat them “handily,” as usual. This guy the “wise men” told us would never make it through the primaries not only DID it, he did it “in style,” getting more votes than any candidate in history. They've been wrong, all along, and they'll be wrong again when he doesn't lose to Hillary in November.

POOR FOOTNOTING: Obama, and Hillary, herself, have been caught “borrowing words” from other speakers, and Obama responded by saying it was NOT “plagiarism,” but just “poor footnoting.” And he's right. Not only for himself and Hillary, but for Milania, as well. I'm sure Milania doesn't listen to the droning speeches of other politicians, therefore she COULDN'T have “lifted words” from anybody else. Speech writers DO, and it's the speech writer's fault. And it is the speech writer's fault in all cases. The speech writer admitted it.

TONE IT DOWN”: Liberals are telling Trump to have his speakers at the Convention “:tone down the rhetoric.” Really? Do they really think Trump LISTENS to them? The rhetoric is NOT “overblown.” It is a “truth bomb” laid on the Democrat Party and it's CRIMINAL nominee. They're afraid that speakers at this Convention will actually be HEARD by “average Americans,” and will cause them to lose. They're right. So shut up, Democrats!

PROUD TRADITION OF TOLERANCE”: Obama says, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”  WHEN? Tell that to their women. Tell it to non-Muslims (including CHILDREN) they've beheaded for not believing in their phony religion. Tell it to the gays they've murdered. Islam is the LEAST TOLERANT of any group going! And no amount of LYING by the president will change that. Obama has a history of making easily disproved statements and DARING us to disbelieve his lies. This is but one more example.

A LEADER WHO CAN KILL? One wag said, “I want a leader who is not afraid to kill for what he believes in.” That presumes Obama doesn't kill, which is wrong. Obama and his policies have killed many people. And not so much for what he believes in, as for the fact that he just doesn't CARE how many people die because of his actions. It's not because he “doesn't want to kill Muslims.” It's because he IS a “closet Muslim” who would be okay with them WINNING.

IS TRUMP “DANGEROUS?” They keep saying Trump is “dangerous” without mentioning just who he is dangerous TO. They're right. He IS “dangerous.” To liberals, who see in his winning the election as the END of their jobs and perks. They see their little fiefdoms being destroyed, and that's “dangerous,” to THEM. Many Republicans see the same thing in his election, so they echo the Democrats in saying he is “the most dangerous candidate, ever!” But they never tell you to whom he is “dangerous.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to “whip them like cake batter.”

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