Friday, July 22, 2016

Sour Grapes

The fools who think we can get along without the cops are just expressing “sour grapes.” They want to be able to commit their crimes without being bothered by the cops, so they mount a campaign to make the cops irrelevant by making targets of them. That's what the “Black Lives Matter” movement is all about. Declaring war on the cops by painting every instance of a cop shooting a black man as “unprovoked violence.” Like Mike Brown, in Ferguson, MO. They keep repeating the LIE that he “had his hands in the air” and was shouting “don't shoot.” But, in reality, this MONSTER of a thug was trying to take that cop's gun and kill him with it. These are things they don't tell you.

RULING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION: It would seem to intelligent people that it would be a REQUIREMENT for people wanting to vote to prove who they are, so they can't vote several times, wouldn't you? Apparently, an appeals court doesn't agree. They ruled that the Texas law requiring identification in order to vote was “discriminatory.” How they reached that ignorant decision is beyond me. They must really be stupid. There are way too many stupid judges these days. And all are liberal. Liberal judges like to rule, based on their own opinions of what should be, rather on what the Constitution says, as they're supposed to do.

THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO: People who say the Constitution is an “outdated document” and needs to be ignored are FOOLS, and shouldn't be listened to for even a minute, or a second (to quote a now infamous judge). The founders based that document on some basic truths that will never change. Things like smaller government, and “citizen congress members” who would serve one or two terms and then go home. Instead, some people love the power so much, they never leave.

TRUCKS AND PRESSURE COOKERS: Do we need to ban these important, and useful tools? If we follow the faulty reasoning of the anti-gun fools, we do. Whenever some fool kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun, they immediately want to ban LEGAL guns. They can't be talking about banning ILLEGAL guns, because criminals don't obey laws. More people are killed with KNIVES than anything else. Should we ban all knives? No. That is a useful tool, too. Nor should we ban trucks or pressure cookers, because of the MISUSE of a few by fools.

WHY IS HE SURPRISED? It amazes me that a black activist has the GALL to walk up on a cop in his patrol car pointing something (it was a cell phone camera) and is surprised when the cop points a gun at him. When every uniformed cop knows he has a target on his back, to point an object that might be a gun at someone he does not know whether or not has a gun in his pocket and is accosting him? Cops are all “on edge” today, due to the idiots who think it is “open season” on cops. They might be shot by surprise at any moment, and this guy “challenges” this cop? This fool is lucky to be alive, due to the atmosphere he and his friends have created.

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