Sunday, July 17, 2016

Head to New Zealand

That's my advice to Justice Ginsberg, who uncharacteristically revealed her bias the other day in the New York times. First of all, she “promised” to move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected. She might as well just go. She's not needed here. Then she revealed her unalterable opposition to the Second Amendment and her intention to vote AGAINST any measure regarding it that came before the Court, including the “Heller” decision. This, from one of EIGHT Justices (currently) whose word is LAW. Justices who SHOULD know what the Constitution says, and UPHOLD it. Justices defying that should be summarily removed.

WAR AGAINST COPS: It's a wonder any cop goes out on the streets wearing his obvious uniform with a convenient “target” on his chest, driving their distinctive cars that are well marked, and offer no protection from insane criminals, who think they should not exist, so they can commit their crimes unobstructed. People are mad in Baton rouge, Louisiana, because it looks like cops wrongly killed a man who SUPPOSEDLY had a gun. Which may be true, but is an isolated incident, and should not bring such a drastic response. Other cops are not at fault.

WHO WILL HILLARY CHOOSE? Who will Hillary choose as her vice president? Who cares? They won't be going anywhere. Trump is going to CRUSH Hillary, and the only place she (he) will be remembered will be as a “footnote in history” as they're BOTH sent home with their tails between their legs. Hillary doesn't have a chance in hell of ever becoming president, but she doesn't know that. She knows not what real Americans think. All she hears is what her Democrat sycophants think. They “shield her” from all else.

TEACHING HOMOSEXUALITY: I think it's a real crappy deal the power that gays are exercising successfully these days. Now they're teaching kids about homosexuality in school. Kids who wouldn't know ANYTHING about any kind of sex are being taught about GAY sex. And you know kids' tendency to try things they learn about. This can do nothing but create an increase in gay sex among kids. Of course, they're BARELY taught anything about heterosexual sex. That's almost taboo. I have nothing against homosexuality. But I DO have something against teaching it to impressionable youngsters.

GENDERISM? The liberals are good at denying reality. Like they're doing with their campaign to let men in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Now they're even trying to deny there are only TWO genders: male and female. Unlike a lot of their fantasies, this one is easy to disprove. just look between their legs. If there's a penis there, it's a MALE. If not, it's a FEMALE. They can deny that all they want, but it's a truism Penis equals MAN. Vagina equals WOMAN. No matter how much they deny it.

TWISTED JUDGMENTS: The Huffington Post says, “The Second Amendment was not intended to preserve an individual's right to self defense.” They didn't put it exactly that way, but that's what they meant. They just can't understand that the founders meant that ALL THE PEOPLE were a “militia” and could be “:called up” in an emergency, and they wanted to make sure they had their own guns. They didn't worry about them “going bananas” and “shooting up the landscape over something trivial. They were a little smarter than today's politicians.

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