Sunday, July 31, 2016

Get Ready for WAR!

Shootings, both mass and otherwise are becoming DAILY occurrences as criminals take up Obama's hidden behest to kill more people (especially cops) to make it easier for him to DISARM America so his minions can “take over” and make him a DICTATOR. He supports the “anti-cop” movement while importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have PLEDGED to kill as many of us “unbelievers” as they can. Thus creating the unrest he needs to support his coup and make himself into a DICTATOR.

PUTTING BILL TO SLEEP: Apparently, even Hillary's husband, former president Bill Clinton, can't keep his eyes open during Hillary's boring speech, to accept the Democrat Party's phony nomination. It is now KNOWN that the Democrats “fixed” the primaries so Bernie never had a chance. But naturally, that doesn't change the result. Hillary still gets the nomination, while Bernie slips back into obscurity, unknown outside of his own state with his socialism. This is NOT a rumor, there is photographic proof. A photo of Bill at her speech, with his eyes closed, sound asleep.

PURPOSEFUL IGNORANCE: I know, I know, i said that liberals (Democrats) have no sense of humor because they took Trump's saying he would wish that the Russians, who hacked Hillary's e-mail server, would find the 30,000 e-mails she SAID were “personal” and deleted before anybody could see them. They could look at that AS a joke, but that wouldn't advance their narrative. So they CHOOSE to take it as a serious attempt to entice Russia into espionage (as if they weren't already so engaged). They want to charge him with treason for “enticing” the Russians, But that's not what he said. He said, “If they DID hack her e-mails, to turn them over to our press would be highly appreciated by our press.” Which he knew they would NOT.

WIKILEAKS TO HURT HILLARY: That's what they say, anyway. They have more of her e-mails to release, which they think will put her in prison. I say, “good luck with that.” Nothing has seemed to faze her yet. Mostly because nobody will act on it. There is nothing to suggest anybody will act on any further revelations, either. She's got the system thoroughly rigged in her favor. From the primaries, that were “fixed” so that she couldn't lose (and the DNC Chair lost her job over it, to immediately be hired by Hillary) to the FBI listing her “crimes,” but saying because she “didn't mean it,” they weren't going to recommend indictment, and the AG went right along with it, so she could keep her job after HIllary gets elected (she hopes)..

COPS KILL WHITE MAN: An INNOCENT white man. The lliberal media yawns. They don't care about cops killing an innocent white man, because that doesn't advance their narrative to convince us (falsely) that all cops are racist. Yes, there ARE racists among the thousands and thousands of cops all over the country. There are a few racists in EVERY group. But you can't paint the ENTIRE group with that black brush. The cops who shot this unarmed man 12 times got 9 months paid vacation and NO charges, because the prosecutor thought “he couldn't convict them of anything.”

CHRISTIAN” AN OFFENSIVE WORD: A church tried to place an ad in it's local paper and it was rejected. Why? Because it contained the word, “Christian,” which the paper thought was “offensive.” It gets pretty bad when the word “Christian” is considered offensive in a “Christian nation!” What kind of damned fools are running that paper, anyway? I guess we could take a page out of the liberal handbook and call them “racist,” as liberals do whenever they disagree with somebody.

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