Friday, July 29, 2016

She'll Finish The Job

That's what Obama says about Hillary. That's what keeps me up nights. The very thought that Hillary will finish the job Obama started, moving us ever closer to socialism, losing the Islamic terrorism war, making our bathrooms a “stalking place” for strange men, letting people marry whatever they want (one guy wanted to marry his computer). And many other things. Electing Hillary would mean a continuation of Obama's stupidities, with her own added on top of them.

NOT THAT WOMAN: Hillary talks incessantly about a “woman president. I'm in favor of a woman president. But not THAT woman! If she's elected, all we get is another four (maybe 8) years of the stupid policies of Barack Obama. Not that she's so enamored of him, but she LOVES his policies. Socialism is on the “top burner.” Obama has worked HARD to move us ever closer to socialism, and Hillary can be expected to continue that work. She's all about “freebies.” As long as you're not a conservative, that is. Obama says, “She'll finish the job.” And she can be depended upon to finish the job Obama started.

IT'S OVER! THANK GOD! The Democrat National Convention is over! I get tired of having to mute the sound on my TV to avoid hearing the “fish wife” screech of Hillary haranguing Donald Trump. I know, I know, I'll hear it a lot until November, but thankfully, not so often. Hopefully, after she loses BIG in November, she'll be “sent home with her tail between her legs” and her “wide body” out of sight.

COP KILLINGS UP 76%: And ambush killings are up 300%! And the criminals are still whining about their kind being killed by cops. Most of the killings they point out, the thugs had guns and were trying their best to kill the cops. But they don't tell you that. Even the ones that were “unarmed” were a distinct danger to the cops. Example, Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was a GIANT, and was trying his best to take that cop's gun and kill him with it when he was killed for his trouble.

ABOLISH SECOND AMENDMENT! That's what liberals want. They say it's “outdated and should be abolished, and hope we'll never need it.” What they don't know is it's NOT “outdated,” and we DO “need it,” to keep our idiot politicians from taking away our right to be armed in order to defend ourselves from individual criminals, mass shooters, cop-killing blacks, and Islamic terrorists, that Obama insists on importing by the hundreds of thousands.

KILLING THE ECONOMY: Obama seems hell bent on killing the economy. He keeps making “rules” that do exactly that. The most obvious one if the $15 minimum wage. That's GUARANTEED to kill jobs everywhere it's tried. Seattle is one of the first examples. They were the first to adopt it, and immediately 700 restaurants went out of business, and put all their employees out of work, not because they're nasty, but because they just can't afford to pay that much for “entry level jobs.”

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