Saturday, July 2, 2016

So What Else Is New?

Texas Sen. John Cronyn says the Clintons think “the rules that apply to others don't apply to them,” and that is reflected in Bill's what TRIED to be clandestine meeting with AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at an Arizona airport. Clinton is a former lawyer, and Loretta SHOULD known better. But Bill doesn't care. “The rules don't apply to him. He's Bill Clinton, after all.” He didn't expect that meeting to make such a stir as it has. He's surprised that anybody would question him on it. Clinton hasn't commented on the meeting. He thinks he doesn't have to.

COLLEGE BANS CHRISTIAN SPEECH: NC College has banned their students from talking about their Christian faith. That's a good reason to tell them to “screw off” and go to another college. One that isn't as stupid as this one is. Vote with your feet. Take your tuition payments with you. You aren't their “prisoner.” You don't have to stay there. Anybody that stupid shouldn't even be considered to teach our kids ANYTHING. They just told you they don't want your money.

WHY DIDN'T THEY STRIKE? Allen West asks an important question: “Why didn't we “lay for” the ISIS troops when we ran them out of Falluja? That's what war is all about: forcing the enemy into panic operations, and taking advantage of that. Why didn't we do that? Because if Obama had had his way, Fallujua would still be in the hands of ISIS. Somebody slipped one in on him. So naturally, he wasn't ready. As long as Obama is “in charge,” we will continue to miss opportunities like that. Like going after their oil operations, from which they derive most of the money they use to finance their killing sprees.

IT'S NOT CONNECTED! It really amazes me what our corrupt government wants us to swallow: On Thursday, Bill Clinton meets with AG Loretta Lynch in a private meeting. On the same day, the Department of Justice files papers to keep Hillary's foundation e-mails hidden until well after the presidential election. Do we actually BELIEVE those two events are not connected? Anybody who does, see me about that bridge in Brooklyn I'm trying to sell. They're getting brazen, folks!

CNN BLACKOUT: They're having a “blackout” on CNN on July 1st. People are encouraged not to watch it on that day. I won't be participating because I never watch it, anyway. But you can depend on liberals calling the action racist, because they have the temerity to MENTION the word, “black!” That's how they work. Ignore the facts, and whine about the peripherals. If they can use their “old faithful,” charging racism on the most tenuous connections, even better.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAW”: Next week, the Senate will take up a “common sense gun law.” A REAL one, not the phony ones the anti-gun fools CALL “common sense laws.” This one, which was previously rejected in the Congress, and is being brought up again, is Sen. John Cornyn's bill that would force them to PROVE a terrorist connection before putting someone's name on a “no-fly list,” which is tantamount to a “no-gun list.” Currently, all some “:government agent” has to do is SAY they are. No proof is required. They could put Mother Theresa on that list if they wanted. Naturally, the anti-gun fools want to block that bill from becoming law.

BLAME THE GUN: Louis Barbati, co-owner of a famous Brooklyn pizza and ice cream joint, was shot to death outside his home, within the hearing of his family, who were in the house. There have been rumors of a “mob connection” to Barbati, but he has never been in ANY trouble, and no proof of any "mob connection"  was ever found, according to the cops. The cops, of course, are investigating the murder as a “robbery gone wrong,” even though none of the large amount of cash he was carrying was taken, which is the “easy way out,” and “code” for “it will never be solved.” And of course, they're calling it, “yet another example of senseless gun violence.” Nothing said about the guy HOLDING the gun, of course. Watch for the anti-gun fools to use this in their fund-raising.

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