Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Do They Hate Us?

That's what liberals all over are asking. They're trying very hard to figure out why the Muslims hate us so. I'd feel sorry for them if the Muslims had not told us, many times, exactly why they want to kill us. It's really very simple. Their RELIGION tells them to convert of kill” everybody they come in contact with. Islam is the only “religion” that tells it's followers to KILL those who won't convert to their “religion.” Liberals are “tone deaf” to that, as they are to many simple things.

WE NEED TRUCK CONTROL! Using the “logic” of the liberals, we need to make some “truck control” laws, since a TRUCK killed 84 people (and counting) in Nice, France. Never mind the truck was being driven by an insane Muslim sympathizer. But don't blame him, blame the truck, like they always blame the gun when other crazies shoot up a place. I've never seen a truck take off on it's own, without a driver, just as I've never seen a gun go out and kill a lot of people without a PERSON aiming it and pulling the trigger. But what do I know?

TRUMP NAMES HIS VP: Today, Donald Trump revealed his choice to run for vice-president on the Republican ticket. The only politician who was NOT chosen by ANYBODY but the presumptive nominee. I still think Mike Pence was a good choice, IF they win, and IF Trump listens to him on policy. If he's the usual “bump in the VP office,” it won't be a good thing Being a “Hoosier boy” myself, with a brother who used to work for a Republican governor, I like his choice. But that isn't the only reason.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? The entire Muslim lifestyle is an anathema to Americans. Many Muslims are simply our ENEMIES. They want to KILL us for not believing in their phony “religion.” They want Sharia Law (even the “peaceful Muslims, if there are any) to be accepted in this country for everybody, not just Muslims. The fact that it violates our Constitution. Which is the BASIS for all our laws, doesn't seem to matter to them. And a recent action in Illinois has created a MUSLIM “advisory council” in our GOVERNMENT! What would happen if we created a CHRISTIAN “advisory council?”

NAMING THE ENEMY: Obama and his accomplices make light of his refusal to NAME our enemy in the Islamic terrorist war against civilization. He says, “What difference does it make if we name them or not?” It makes a helluva lot of difference, Barack! If you refuse even NAME the enemy, how can you successfully defeat them? Worse yet, you're giving the enemy favoritism every time you're called upon to “rule” on something that involves them. You've even appointed some of them to important positions in your GOVERNMENT! What kind of a fool ARE YOU?

READ THE FINE PRINT: Could it be that an entire “killing spree” has been based on a MISREADING of the Koran? They tell the fools that go out and kill “Infidels” that if they, themselves are killed while supporting Islam they will get 74 VIRGINS in the after life that they can screw while they somehow REMAIN virgins. But that isn't true. Due to a “small mistake” in translation, the real meaning is that they'll get 74 RAISINS. The word for “raisins” was mistranslated. And millions of people have been murdered because of a mistranslation.

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