Monday, August 1, 2016

Blue Bulbs for Cop's Lives

It all started with 12-year-old Thornton, Colorado boy who was disgusted with the “Black Lives Movement.” He thought people should leave their porch lights on with a blue bulb in it to show their solidarity with the cops. A local store owner was so impressed, he donated 24 bulbs to the cause, and the idea has swept the nation. I'm gonna go right out and buy a blue bulb for my porch. I think it's a great idea. There's been way too much noise about the “:Black Lives Matter” scam, while they disdain all efforts to say, “ALL lives matter!” And I'm proud it all started in a town I lived in until lately.

PURE HYPOCRISY: I hate using that word, because hypocrisy is so common in the Democrat Party. But sometimes it's the only word that will properly describe what they do. And that certainly amply describes this. They hate the whole idea of requiring photo ID in order to vote, but they REQUIRE a photo ID in order to get press credentials at their meetings. If requiring that is “racist,” aren't THEY being racist to require it? That's hypocrisy in any man's language.

COME HOME TO ROOST: Marilyn Mosby's chickens have “come home to roost.” Some of the six cops she falsely accused of murder are suing her for those false charges, and it's going to cost her a lot of money. Although she won't be paying it, WE will. But she'll be “tarred” with the result of that suit. I'd be very surprised if she keeps her job, and doesn't get disbarred. And she deserves every bit of it.

WHAT FOOLS ARE THESE!? While our vets are DYING for want of medical care that was GUARANTEED them, the Veteran's Administration is spending $20 million dollars on ART! Whet the hell are these bureaucrats THINKING? They “poor mouth us," but spend a lot of OUR money foolishly and they think we won't notice it, or can't do anything about it. My BROTHER is a Vietnam vet, and he's suffering from their poor medical care, right now. And that makes me DAMNED mad!

DECLARING WAR ON US: I guess we are in a state of war with N. Korea because their fat little ugly boss has said so. He says we have “crossed the red line” and has declared war on us. That reminds me of the mouse crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind. That little fool has delusions of adequacy, even grandeur. Somebody (probably us) needs to slap that little fat slob in the mouth and teach him he isn't as big as he thinks he is. If he attacks us, his country will quickly become a steaming pile of crap.

GUN-HATING POLITICIANS: I've often wondered how we get so many gun-hating politicians elected to office. I think I've figured it out. We're often presented with TWO choices running for the SAME OFFICE, both of whom are gun-haters, and we're forced to vote for one of them. We may approve of the policies (except their gun-hatred) of one of the candidates, so that's the one we have to vote for. A good example of that is the Libertarian candidate for president this election. Somebody recently gave him an antique gun, and he threw it in the trash. This happens more often than not. On the Democrat side, BOTH candidates are gun-haters. So who do you vote for if you don't like Trump?

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