Friday, April 17, 2015

GOP "Losers"

Fiture former Senator (soon) Harry Reid called all the Republicans running for president, “losers.” And he ought to know, being one of the biggest losers in politics today. But he DOESN'T know it. He's too STUPID. The other big loser in DC is Obama, but neither one of them are smart enough to know it. Harry Reid is not only a LOSER, he's a classic political CRIMINAL who has consistently used his position to line his own pockets. When he leaves, we will be well rid of this bad rubbish.

SHARPTON TO FAST: He's “organizing a fast” to pressure Congress into confirming Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General. Or he's PRETENDING TO. He's really conning somebody ELSE into a series of ONE-DAY FASTS. Which is probably a good thing because a REAL fast for that purpose would be “interfering with Congress.” and that's a CRIME. But, as with Obama.,, uh, Sharpton doesn't care about that. He has gotten away with so many crimes that if he was convicted for them, he'd still be in prison at the end of this century, dead or alive. In any case, her confirmation has NOT been decided, and he's acting as if it has, and nobody's announcing it.

HILLARY PARKS IN HANDICAP ZONE: Her car was parked in a handicapped zone while she did her “dog and pony show” in Chipotle's. And that's only right. People say she IS handicapped—MENTALLY handicaped. That's just one more illustration that she thinks she's WAY above the law. One of the cops with her motorcade should have given her a ticket. Somebody needs to give her a “reality pill” to replace the “stupid pills" she's been taking. She's nothing more than a former president's wife, which gave her ZERO experience to be president, and she's not smart enough to know that.

THEY FOUND A WAY: It's against the law for a politician to take money from foreign governments. So Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments that abuse women by LAW contribute money to the “Clinton Foundation,” which is TECHNICALLY not “contributing to her POLITICAL campaign—yeah, riiiiggghhhhttt. She's taking a page out of Obama's book and letting them contribute to her FOUNDATION, which she CONTROLS. After the money becomes the property of the foundation, she can do with it what she wishes. Okay. They SAY she's no longer part of the foundation. You believe that?

TRUMPED UP CHARGES: The liberal news medic literally salivated when an “indictment” was handed up for former Texas Gov. Rich Perry. All three major networks gave in the neighborhood of 37 minutes to the “news,” even knowing that a prosecutor could have a ham sandwich “indicted” if he/she so wished, since the Grand Jury process is so one-sided. The prosecutor can have as many lawyers on his side as he/she wants, while the defendant can have NONE. Gov Christie's “Bridgegate” scandal was resolved in HIS favor, but they still note it as against him. Meanwhile the charges against NY Gov. Cuomo are largely IGNORED. That's how they operate.

SCHOOL BOARD “SHUTTING UP” A CONSERVATIVE: The school board member in Williamson, TN, brought up a “move to censure” Susan Curlee, a school board member in Williamson, TN. What makes him think his opinions are more important than hers is beyond me, except to say that's a standard way of thinking for liberals. They think THEIR opinions are sacrosanct and those who disagree just need to be “shut up.” It's like AlGore's current effort to PUNISH people for disagreeing on global warming. When they have nothing factual to respond with, they just want to “shut people up.” Meanwhile, they just call people who disagree with them names.

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