Sunday, April 12, 2015

Proof of Stupidity

Liberals are stupid. That's my opinion, yes. But it's an opinion based on sure knowledge, gained from liberals themselves, by the things they do and say. One is denying the existence of logic; and also by denying the existence of absolutes with an “absolute statement.” Now a bunch of liberals announced their support for—wait for it—KARL MARX! The father of COMMUNISM! This in one of those ubiquitous “sidewalk interviews” of strangers. I got a big laugh out of this, but it also disturbs me to think that such people actually VOTE. If you don't know who Marx is, you'd better find out. As soon as you can.

CLUELESS FEMINISTS: Now we find that feminists can be “offended” by almost ANYTHING. Much like Muslims. But their being offended comes from ignorance, not political expediency, as it does with Muslims. Now they want to BAN “clapping” because it can “remind them of things they'd like to forget.” And they think they should have the power to BAN things they don't like, and keep the rest od the world from doing it—to make THEM “feel better.” The same is true of fools who want to ban WORDS. Like they have that right. They don't.

DEMS “EXCITED” ABOUT HILLARY: Thus proving their stupidity. With all the criminal acts and just plain silliness that can be attributed to Hillary, and the fact that she has screwed up everything she has ever touched, anybody with INTELLIGENCE would be RUNNING from her as fast as they can. But Democrats are not known for their intelligence. Else why would they have elected Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, or Barack Hussein Obama, or any number of other stupid people to “run” their governments. Look at ANY bankrupt government (like Detroit), and you'll find a Democrat administration. I just can't understand people who still support this fool, even knowing about all her “baggage.”

SPEAKING ABOUT HILLARY: There's a lot more about Hillary that has been suppressed. First of all, her treatment of the women her sex criminal husband has victimized over the years; then there's her complete mishandling of an early attempt at national health care that she oversaw. Then it's her possible hidden lesbian relationship with a woman with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a KNOWN Islamic terrorist cover organization, Huma Abedin, wife of “Mr. Penis,” former Rep. Anthony Weiner (aptly named) who sent pictures of his penis to several woman on several occasions. This woman has been at her side for many years, in many incarnations, public and private. There is much more, but not enough room to list them. This is bad enough, but that's not enough for me. What IS, is her arrogance and dedication to SOCIALISM, along with that of most other liberals. Not only that, but I don't want (zipper down) Bill anywhere NEAR the White House again.

SHARPTON NOT IN JAIL? A California sheriff asks, “Why isn't Al Sharpton in jail for tax evasion? If any of us had done what he has done concerning his taxes, we'd be in prison with the key thrown away. Yet this “race whore” has mysteriously escaped such punishment, even though his tax records have mysteriously “burned up” on TWO occasions, both times right after the government asked him to produce them. Even though he owed MILLIONS on the fruits of his race extortion of “big business,” nothing has happened. Is it because he's close friends with Obama and other top government officials who can tell the IRS to “back off?”

GOVERNMENT-FUNDED COLLEGE: For illegal aliens. That's what Obama is proposing. He says it's their “right.” But he's wrong on this, just as he is wrong on so many other things. I'm an American citizen. Nobody ever even TALKED ABOUT paying for me to go to college, so what gives people who ILLEGALLY entered this country that right if I don't have the same “right?” No, I'm not asking for it now. I'm too old for it to do me any good. I wouldn't take it if offered, unless they made it mandatory like they did Bush's “Part D” in Medicare. I'm just asking, what gives illegal aliens “rights” AMERICANS don't have? Obama dearly loves giving away somebody else's money. That's what liberals DO. They never give away their OWN money. It's always yours and mine.

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