Sunday, April 19, 2015

"Death Penalty Off the Table?"

That's what the father of the youngest victim of the Boston Marathon bombing wants to do. Like most liberals, he thinks “there's been enough killing.” But as with most librals, he's wrong. As long as we refrain from killing people like those bombers, they'll keep on killing—maybe not THESE killers, who will be in prison, or dead. But there are some people who just don't deserve to stay alive, and these fools are like that. The longer they (and people like them) stay alive, the more GOOD people will die. They should have done with this guy like they did for his brother: kill him on sight. Then they both would kill no more.

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” That's one of the most famous lines from a recent movie in which a man in uniform was subjected to a courts martial and his questioner said,” “All we want is the truth.” But he could have been saying it about the Democrats when they come up with false allegations against Republicans. Like Harry Reid's allegation that Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes for ten years. In other cases that have proven false, they say, “Being false means nothing; the seriousness of the charge makes an investigation necessary.” What a STUPID concept THAT is! But then, they use it, all the time. It's always up to the ACCUSER to prove his charges. Otherwise, they mean NOTHING.

HOOKERS FOR HILLARY!” Whores at the famous Nevada “Bunny Ranch” have launched their own campaign to get Hillary elected president. Just as with the Communist Party USA supporting Obama (true), that should tell you a lot about Hillary. Do they just feel a “kindred soul?” Or do they need to do this to prove their loyalty to the Democrats after Harry Reid put his pressure on them? If you don't believe this is real, just Google it. And remember, according to Democrats, “The seriousness of the charges makes an investigation necessary.” They say she proved her ability as Secretary of State that she could “bend men to her will.” What? Hillary can't even bend her own HUSBAND to her will—unless she wanted to let him screw anything wearing a skirt (and maybe not) so he wouldn't draw attention to her own sexual interests.

SIGNS IN ARABIC IN MICHIGAN: I knew this was coming, when I heard that Muslims now had a majority in Dearborn, MI. Suddenly, signs went up in ARABIC, which signals to me that they have “taken over” there. Even the local cops won't “go past these signs” because it would post a danger to them. What? Cops worrying about it being “a danger to them? Sounds like there are some cops who should be wearing a yellow uniform, to me. What if teen street gangs did the same thing and the cops “backed off?” And some people don't think we need our own guns?

HALF OF AMERICANS STUPID: I read a recent article about a recent study that proved that HALF of Americans were STUPID. It came from the left, but it could be taken both ways. And there is PROOF on our side. America voted Barack Obama in office as president, TWICE. To me, that's PROOF of stupidity in half the people, most of whom don't pay attention to politics while the politicians screw them.

GIVING JETS TO TERRORISTS? Yes we're doing that, but not “directly,” as usual. We're giving them to Iraq, which is heavily infiltrated by Islamic terrorists from Iran. Anybody who thinks Islamic terrorists who have infiltrated Iraq's government will not see to it that Islamic terrorists will get some of them, is a FOOL. But there are many fools in our government, beginning with one named Obama, who REGULARLY arms the Islamic terrorists by telling his troops to “cut and run,” leaving their guns and other ordinance and equipment behind. Every day, in every way, Obama proves we need to get RID of him before he gives away the store.

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