Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blacks Commit Most Crime

Hillary recently made a speech in which she excoriated “society” for putting so many black males in prison, ignoring completely that black males commit the MOST CRIME. If they didn't, they wouldn't BE in prison. Liberals always do this: look at the RESULT of “crime prevention” and criticize it while insisting we ignore the LACK of results in their own “programs” because they “mean well. The proof of their IGNORANCE is that they can't see the CONTRADICTIONS in their actions and their words.

DISAGREEMENT WON'T BE TOLERATED”: That's what Hillary Clinton seems to think. She sees the church's objections to being FORCED, against their religious beliefs, to perform gay weddings as something not to be tolerated. She says, “religious beliefs need to be changed.” CHANGED! For political purposes, change religious beliefs, even though the Constitution says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” What part of 'NO LAW” doesn't this fool understand? And some people are actually considering her to be PRESIDENT!

THE “CLINTON MISTAKE”: The Clintons said it was a “mistake” for their foundation to accept “donations” (translation: “bribes”) from foreign sources. But the interesting thing is that they made the SAME “mistake 1.100 times! And they really think we believe this bullderm! Somebody needs to REALLY call them on such things. We know it's a LOAD, but the “powers that be” (usually Democrats) BUY their bullcrap. So does the liberal media

WHICH ONE LIES? They're asking which one is telling the truth: John Kerry or Iran? I don't think there's any question. It's BOTH of them. Iran because it's “their way” to lie in support of their agenda. For Kerry, it's routine for him to lie to support OBAMA'S agenda, whether true, or not. It's bad when you can't depend on your president to tell the truth at ANY time, but there's one thing sure with Obama. If he says it, it's a LIE. It works out that way. If you KNOW it's a lie, you KNOW just the opposite is the truth.

I KNEW IT! Freddie Gray caused HIS OWN back injury IN the “wagon” in a successful attempt to hurt himself and thus caused all the hooraw in Baltimore. That was leaked by a fellow PRISONER in the “wagon.”Which proves, again, that mobs believe what they WANT to believe, and ANYTHING that lets them “run wild and loot” honest businesses. It's an identical situation to Ferguson, MO, where some of the witnesses (who were Brown's accomplices) LIED and the others were IGNORED so they could riot and loot. Now mobs in other cities are taking up the “:hue and cry” that allows them to steal and destroy. The “cancer” is metastasizing.

THREATENED WITH ARREST: Obama is very afraid! His “common Core” scam is falling flat because so many people can see through it and are stopping their children from taking his tests. Now a group of parents in South Carolina are being threatened with “criminal accountability” (under I don't know what law unless they twist something) for refusing to allow their children to take this DICTATORIAL and IMPOSSIBLE test. Somebody needs to take Obama to the woodshed.

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