Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Obama-Reid Rift"

That's what I hear. Apparently Reid doesn't think Obama is liberal enough, and, since he has already resigned from the Senate, he no longer has to worry overmuch about what Obama can do to him. So he feels free ot criticize him. But he's forgetting, Obama “knows where all the bodies are buried” and can probaly STILL hurt him even more that causing him to lose an eye. Reid has (and has had) enoug cons going, I'm sure there's something Obama can use on him.

DEVOTED 17 SECONDS TO SCANDAL: Proving again they are “carrying water' for Democrats, I note that, after days since the DEA sex and drugs scandal broke, FINALLY NBC “broke the story” with a total of 17 SECONDS of air time about it. After 26 DAYS of silence on the issue, they DID report that DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart was to retire next month, while “glossing over: the reasons why. I notice that most of the “top brass” losing their jobs over scandals are women lately. Does that mean men could do a better job? Doubtful. There are just as many stupid MEN in DC, but I'm sure somebody will raise this question. They'll say the firings are sexist, no matter what they did to merit being fired.

BLACK LIVES MATTER” White lives, apparently, don't. Not according to what some black people say. One in particular, a black female writer (a Nobel Prize winner and close confidante of Barack Obama) recently said she'd like to SEE a white cop shoot a white teenager. Maybe we need to tell black thugs (many of whom are in the 15-17 age range) to stop shooting black men and boys (also women and children and cops). It's easy to paint a picture where cops shoot and kill UNARMED blacks ONLY too often when you IGNORE black cops shooting WHITE kids. And the reasons they do it.

KISSING THE DEVIL: We thought we could depend on the Republican leadership in Congress to do what's right after they won the 2014 election in a landslide. But subsequent events show we can't. They have declared impeachment “off the table” and likewise have done so with Obamacare, which we thought we could DEPEND on them to get rid of. Now I see a picture of top REPUBLICAN (Boehner) actually KISSING Nancy Peelosi. How he managed to do that without throwing up on her chest, I don't know. But I guess he has a strong stomach, which is illustrated by some of the things he does and says.

NETWORKS IGNORE CORRUPTION: That's big news—isn't it? Then why is the liberal media ignoring it? Huh? Huh? The answer is, they're “in on the action.” They'll provide “cover” for ANYTHING that helps liberals and HIDE anything that might hurt them. Then a story that Hillary's top foundation donor may have violated Iran sanctions, while the Foundation is accepting millions of dollars in donations from FOREIGN sources comes along and they almost break their necks looking the other way. The only reason this got out, at all is that the “alternative media” that is NOT “belolden” to the liberals found it out.

WE KILLED A HOSTAGE: And Obama is “taking full responsibility,” the same way Janet Reno “took full responsibility”” for killing up to 100 people (14 of them CHILDREN) at Waco. Does anybody remember anything HAPPENING to Janet for that? I certainly don't. She was not even forced to resign. She served out her full term in Clinton's government. Obama will also suffer NO consequences for “accidentally” killing two hostages while killing some Islamic terrorists, too. And this is no surprise. They're KNOWN for “strapping hostages to the front bumpers of their tanks” (or whatever vehicles they use) as they attacked so they can claim “civilian deaths.” It's one of their basic scams.

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