Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Don't "Oppose" Gay MarrIage

I just think it's STUPID. And to FORCE people to not only recognize it, but CELEBRATE it is even more stupid. If I were gay, I'd just BE gay. I wouldn't necessarily want it to be KNOWN. I would not make a “big thing” of it and DEFY people to oppose me. What's the big thing if I wished to have sex with someone of my own sex? Why would I wish to go to the ONLY bakery in town that would not bake me a “gay wedding cake” and FORCE that baker to do so—to “bend him to my will?” That's not being gay, that's a “power play.”

BREAD AND CIRCUSES”: That's what “:gay marriage” is. It's a “set-up job” to keep our minds occupied with UNIMPORTANT things that make no difference to people who are NOT gay, and just don't care, so we will not pay attention to the CRIMES that are being committed by our politicians. The liberal news media cooperates by keeping the question open and ongoing. The courts keep it open by making UNCONSTITUTIONAL (but popular) decisions TO force people to “bend to the will” of gays and “officiate” at their “weddings” even if to do so violates the basic tenets of their religion—which, under the Constitution,. They have a RIGHT to do. Whether gays like it or not.

THE WRONG DECISION: That's what Obama has done with his “agreement” with Iran. He didn't even have the guts to call it a “treaty” so Congress would not have a chance to “weigh in” on it. That's his way of violating the Constitution: Call it what it is NOT to “nullify” the effect of the law. The fact is, that “agreement” hands Iran a nuclear bomb on a silver platter in ten years. When (IF) that happens, there will be nothing to stop Iran from “:pushing Israel into the sea” except Israel's nuclear capability. Does ANYBODY think Israel will not strike preemptively to stop Iran from destroying them? I don't, and I blame them NOT.

THE AGE OF PHONY OUTRAGE”: That's what Fox News calls what is happening today where it seems like EVERYTHING liberals or Muslims don't like its being “taken up” by the courts, and EVERYBODY with any kind of power. In some cases, if ONE person expresses “outrage,” whole organizations, no matter how big or powerful, even the total federal government changes what “outraged” him/her. I don't care about gays. What they do (mostly) behind closed doors does not bother me. But I will NEVER allow them to “bend me to their will.” As to “political correctness,” I do not subscribe to it. I'm constantly being told, by people who have NO authority to do so, that there are certain words I CANNOT use. If I feel they are appropriate, I will USE them, PC cops be damned!

KILLING THEMSELVES: It seems like ISIS members are now KILLING THEMSELVES. They are being obvertaken by that “flesh eating disease” that is easily treated, but can KILL them if UNTREATED. And they refuse to be treated for it. Seems like they oppose things, just for the opposing—even if it kills them. That's stupidity. But so what? We know they're stupid, to begin with.That flesh-eating disease comes from lack of good hygiene, which, apparently, they all practice. So in addition to being bastards, they're DIRTY, stinking bastards that nobody except people like them want to be around.

TELL THE WHITE HOUSE”: “Stand with Israel!” There's a petition going around supposedly to tell Obama to “stand with Israel.” There seems to be a lot of people who want to spend a lot of time and money in fruitless efforts. Does ANYBODY know of a SINGLE instance where a petition caused Obama to do ANYTHING? He routinely ignores petitions, every day and Congress, too. So who thinks he will change his policies because of this one? Damn! Some people just aren't too bright, are they?

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