Monday, April 13, 2015

Breathlessly Awaiting HIllary

At least, that's what it seems like, as they speak breathlessly about “the anointed one's" announcement of what we've known for more than eight years, that she's running for president, again (this was written yesterday). Never mind that, in an INTELLIGENT world, this incompetent fool would be DISASTER as president (in ANY kind of a world), as she was as Secretary of State. She has screwed up everything she has ever tried, although Democrats all over say she is “the most qualified candidate,” based on NOTHING. There are many better candidates, even on the Democrat side, but it's “her turn,” in 2016, so she'll probably get the nod, unless another Obama comes along, backed by the “king-makers” behind the scenes.

REMEMBER KATHLEEN WILLEY? I do. She's the woman who had a meeting with Bill Clinton to ask for a paid job, since she could no longer afford to work for nothing in her unpaid volunteer position. Instead of getting a paid job, she met with serious sexual harassment. Then after her husband committed suicide the same day, she suffered “mob-style” harassment and intimidation including a break-in at her home to steal her “memoirs” to frighten her into keeping silent about his treatment of her. All this was orchestrated by Hillary. This is how the Clintons treat women.

NOT JUST TERRORISTS: The Islamic terrorists are running out of people to kill easily. Mostly today, all that are left are people who can fight back and kill THEM. So now they're going into towns and destroying the infrastructure and even non-replaceable works of art and antiquities. Now they're playing SOCCER with severed heads. So what does this kind of action accomplish for their “cause?” Nothing. They just want to destroy things and piss people off. Maybe soon, they will meet up with more people who CAN fight back, and more of THEM will die. One can only hope. Hey, guys! When you kill Islamic terrorists, do it in the most painful way possible, and in ways that take a long, painful time to die. These fools don't deserve to breathe the same air as humans and I'd like to see them experience what they've brought on everybody else..

HILLARY WILL BE GOOD PRESIDENT”: So sayeth Barack Hussein Obama, who knows NOT what it takes to be a “good president.” When this fool says this, in an INTELLIGENT world, it would “sound the death knell” for Hillary's chances. But we live in a world where people who pay NO attention to politics and some even think KARL MARX would be a good president, can vote. That's the big weakness in our system. People are allowd to vote without a test to find out of they have any INTELLIGENCE at all.

WEALTH INEQUALITY: That's something liberals talk about all the time. They want people with NO TALENT or ability to be as wealthy as people who have not only gone to the trouble to become intelligent, but who have actually DONE SOMETHING to EARN that wealth They never mention that the people they want to REWARD for their laziness and sloth don't DESERVE to be as rich as people who have DONE SOMETHING for society. It's a typical socialist concept.

MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISTS: Boy, THAT'S a laugh! Muslims ARE the TERRORISTS! Yet some of them PRETEND to be against it, to try and “clean up” the image of “bomb-throwing Muslims” the world over. I needed a good laugh, and this provided it for today. They should put this in the comic strips. Do they really think Americans are stupid enough to BUY this crap? The unfortunate part of it is many Americans are just dumb enough. And that's their “target audience.” Soon some of these misfits will be trying to join them.

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