Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christie: "Stop SS for Rich"

NJ Gov. Christie forgets one thing when he suggests ending Social Security for rich people. Social Security GIVES nothing to the rich. It's NOT “welfare.” It is merely the RETURN of money they have paid into the government at the point of a gun all their lives. The money BELONGS to them. To stop paying it to the rich is THIEVERY. But “what difference does that make?” (to quote Hillary Clinton) to the government? They STEAL from us every day, and every HOUR. How would this be different? By the way: if you don't believe that “point of a gun” thing, just try NOT paying into it.

WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER WAR!” That's what Barbara Boxer says. Sorry Barb, sometimes war is “thrust upon us” whether or not we want it. Anybody who WANTS war is a damned fool and anybody who AVOIDS war at ANY cost is just as much a fool. It's like the kid in the playground just GIVING the bully his lunch every day without doing anything to STOP that bully from bullying him. Countries like Iran are BULLIES. And if it takes war to stop them from bullying us, that's what we need. Obama has INVITED it by telling his troops to “cut and run” from TWO wars, leaving their guns and other ordinance to the enemy, which tells them we're “easy prey.”

EPIDEMIC OF TRAITORS: I can't understand what would POSSIBLY motivate somebody who lives in freedom to go willingly to a place where they will be forced to fight and kill innocent people or be killed, themselves. Women who KNOW Islam treats women badly, go willingly to not only LIVE under that regime, but to FIGHT for it. That's beyond my understanding. Even if you're a misfit in our society, how can you possibly think Islam is better? Unless you're STUPID and BELIEVE the crap they feed you?

BLACK LAWYERS FOR JUSTICE”: Isn't that racist? If somebody started an organization called “White Lawyers for Justice,” they'd be “jumping up and down” all over the place calling it racist. Why not in this case? Because they're black, that's why. They're pushing the “new racism” where it's okay to discriminate against WHITES and be very vocal about it, as if somehow it were RIGHT, which it ISN'T. Starting a “White People's College Fund” would be racist, too. But why isn't the “BLACK College Fund” racist? It's a”two-sided street, but not to liberals. That doesn't advance their agenda.

RACIST JUDGE: I've talked a lot about “today's racism,” as pushed by Obama, which is different from yesterday's racism in that it is based on “hate whitey” rather than on hating black people as it used to be. Ever since Ferguson, MO where a white cop killed a huge thug who was trying to kill HIM, Obama (and his henchmen) have been pushing hatred of WHITE people (and white cops) as something that's RIGHT. This Kentucky judge gave some black home invasion criminals PROBATION and actually had the GALL to get mad because a 3-year-old girl was frightened by black men as a result of the home invasion, Talk about twisted thinking!

OBAMA'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS”: Jesse Waters, who works for Fox's Bill O'Reilly mostly, asking simple questions on the street, stopped a number of people and asked them if they could name one of Obama's “accomplishments.” Mostly, nobody had any. One guy said, “bringing our troops back, I guess” which, as an “accomplishment,” is very questionable. One woman said, “Are you asking me this because I'm blond?” Accusing Waters of a popular bias. But the important thing is, nobody could think of any REAL accomplishments by Obama. Ya know what? I can't think of any, either.

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