Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Don't Criticize Obama!"

That's what Obama's thugs say. They say if we go after Obama, the “independents” won't like it, (which is a LOAD of bull) and we'll lose. But it seems it's “open season” on Republicans, lies or not. Like Harry Reid's LIE that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes for the last ten years had no effect on Democrats. Which is true, since Romney lost. And Reid is in no way “ashamed” of his lie because Romney “lost, didn't he?” I'm getting very tired of DEMOCRATS telling me what do do. They aren't wanting a Republican to win, so why should we care what they say about how to win elections? This is a con that has worked for them for many years. “Advising us” on how to vote, and whom to criticize, to our detriment.

ILLUSTRATION OF ANGRY PEOPLE”: That's what one liberal said about the Baltimore riots. No, it's NOT. It's a bunch of thugs taking advantage of an out-of-control situation to riot and loot honest people's stores, like they did in Ferguson, MO where a cop killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him. They made a big thing out of him being unarmed, but he didn't NEED to be armed to be a definite danger to that cop's life. They want to kill cops. They want to put cops “on edge” so they WILL “shoot first and ask questions later” to make things worse. And the people doing the most damage don't even live there. They come in from all over. Just the reverse of what happens when you turn a light on a bunch of roaches.

RIGHT BACK ATYA!: If I were a Baltimore cop and a thug threw a huge rock at me, I'd pick it up and throw it right back, targeting the thug who threw it. If it kills him, nasty break. He didn't worry about killing ME when he threw it, did he? Yeah, right. You don't throw stones at criminals for rioting. But I believe in LIKE punishment for people like that. They throw a big rock at me, they're gonna get it right back, right in the face! They shoot at me, it'll be a bullet! I won't be bound by stupid “rules of engagement.” Whatever they use on me, I'm going to use on them. They try to kill me, I'm GOING to kill them.

COMMON SENSE EQUALS STUPID: Liberals call their insipid and stupid laws and regulations “common sense,” but they're NOT. They're STUPID. Like those “common sense gun laws” they keep making that only make things worse. It's getting to the point where intelligent people who hear them call something “common sense,” hear only, “stupid.” Obamacare, the way it is structured, has been called, “common sense.” But it is one of the stupidest laws that has been slipped by the Congress by lies and thuggery. It DOUBLES the price for less coverage while foisting higher co-pays and deductions on us, making it useless as well as non-affordable. And they call it, “Affordable Health Care.” It couldn't be LESS affordable!

THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH”: They wanted to give a play based on the TRUE happenings in Ferguson, MO, when Mike Brown, a hulking, LARGE thug was shot and killed in self defense by a cop doing his duty. One of the things they did was eliminate the “hands up, don't shoot” narrative that didn't exist. They based the whole thing on what became the TRUE reports of what REALLY happened, which came from, among other sources, the Grand Jury findings. But the liberal actors, when they found out they did not repeat the LIES originally reported, quit. I say, “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

SPACE TO DESTROY: The mayor of Baltimore said “We gave those who wanted to destroy, space to destroy.” Now she says they INADVERTENTLY did that, and the media “mischaracterized” what she said. I don't THINK so! I think she meant exactly what she said, and now is “backing up” because she now realizes how it sounded. She's a liberal politician. She doesn't care if the demonstrators destroy people's property and injures people, especially her cops, for whom she has no liking, anyway. It's all a matter of how it looks politically to her.

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