Saturday, April 11, 2015

Obama Is Very Popular

In Communist Cuba, that is. He is also approved by the American Communist Party. If that doesn't tell you something about him, nothing will. 80% of Cubans like him, after being told by their government how great he is for years. They love him because of his espoused communist principles, such as “income redistribution” and “making everything equal.” He doesn't say they will be equally in poverty and under complete government control, of course. Telling them the truth just wouldn't do!

I'D JUST HAVE TO KILL SOMEBODY: If I wanted a sex change operation and couldn't afford it, as a law-abiding free man I could never afford it. So if I wanted one bad enough, I'd just have to kill someone, get sent to prison, then DEMAND it as a ”constitutional right." That's what so far, TWO judges have decided for two prisoners. I'm not sure what their reasoning is to give a “constitutional right” to PRISONER that is not extended to a free person, but apparently that seems to be “the rule of law” now, since two stupid judges ruled that way.

CONDESCENDING AND CHILDISH”: That's how one (former) friend of Obama spokesfool Marie Harf described her the other day after she got into a “screaming match” (virtual) with a “friend” on Facebook after he criticized her abilities in a Daily Caller article. I guess she, like Obama, thinks she is perfect, and shouldn't be criticized, for ANYTHING. But, not being black, she can't claim “racism,”but she COULD claim “discrimination against dumb blondes.” She certainly fits that description.

COPS PLANTING EVIDENCE: There have been many allegations of cops planting evidence in the past, and they have been mostly ignored. Rightly so, in most cases, but it HAS happened. And the actions of the cop in SC who put five bullets into a fleeing man, fleeing an arrest for non-payment of child support (a really dangerous crime, that) and the subsequent video of a bunch of cops beating a man and planting a baggie of dope in his car reminds us all of how easy it is to do. Which means maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss such charges. Maybe like looking for the perp's fingerprints on the baggie to verify HE had it, and not the cop.

CASTRO LIKES OBAMA: He sees in him a “kindred soul.” A con man and a murderer. Castro and his just about done brother are murderers many times over. So is Obama, but his murders are better hidden. At least one of them was a federal officer who died when he was shot by one of Obama's “gun-running” in “Fast & Furious” guns, (which was the supplying of guns to the Mexican drug cartels). Several hundred others were Mexicans whose murders can be traced to those guns. Castro says Obama “is an honest man” by his principles, which means he is a good con man who can do him some good.

GUN-GRABBER STUPIDITY: Everything the gun-grabbers do GUARANTEES the proliferation of ILLEGAL guns. Every law they sponsor makes it harder for HONEST people to get guns for self defense against all those ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of criminals. Gun registration doesn't work. “Trigger guards” just make it harder to get a legally-owned gun in action when a criminal comes to steal what's yours. NONE do anything to punish the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime. If they made a law to REQUIRE the PROSECUTION of such laws that are now in existence, I'd be all for it. But it's never gonna happen.

WHY CAN'T PEOPLE GET ALONG? That's a statement made famous by a small-time crook who got beat up by the cops. But it applies to much more than that. For centuries Islamic militants have been raping, murdering, and beheading members of religions other than the Muslim “religion,” and nothing unusual has been done about it except to gripe. Yes, a few small wars have been waged against Islamic militants, but no “concerted effort” to exterminate these militants has been undertaken by anybody—not even the largest power in the world, the United States. In fact, under that fool, Obama, resistance to their atrocities has been REDUCED, and even “explained away.” Obama won't even Call it “Islamic terrorism!”

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