Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Taking America Down"

Former VP Cheney says Obama “wants to take down America.” Right away, liberals everywhere dismiss and discount everything he says. But he's right. And it's nothing new. Anybody with any degree of intelligence at all KNOWS it. Everything Obama does or says works toward it. So my question is, “Ya think?” Many people know it, but are doing nothing about it. Why not? Don't they know that if nobody successfully opposes him, Obama is just going to take as much more power as he can? He's at the point where he thinks nobody CAN do anything about him because nobody DOES. When I see somebody actually DOING something about him, I'll believe there may be hope. Not until.

TSARNAEV CONVICTED: The remaining Boston Bomber who ruined so many people's lives, has had his own life ruined by the court, which has heard his case. Dominated by his brother or not, he is a man grown and capable of making his own decisions. Equal punishment under the law might require he be blown up by a bomb like the one he and his now dead brother used to hurt so many people. But in a lawful society all we can do is kill him, and not always in the same manner as he used. He is “eligible” for the death penalty, and I hope he gets it, then he can agonize over his own upcoming death after all legal “remedies” have been exhausted.

THIS IS NO FERGUSON: The victim in North Charleston was also unarmed, as was Michael Brown, the black man killed in Ferguson, MO. But this man was NOT a “giant,” and he was not attacking the cop. He had been stopped on a MINOR infraction and had seen something in that cop that made him run away. But this “terrible criminal” who had harbored a broken tail light “had to be stopped,” didn't he? So the cop put five in his BACK and then planted evidence to back up his LIE that the victim had stolen his Taser. This is clear-cut MURDER and that cop needs to find out what we do to murderers.

JUDGE SLAPS HIM DOWN: In the case concerning Obama's unconstitutional “enforcing” of his own ideas of what illegal immigration laws should be, a federal judge “slapped him down” and told him NOT to enforce his unconstitutional “order.” Will that stop him? I doubt it, seeing how he has ignored the law on so many occasions, in so many ways. He will go right ahead as if that judge had not ruled, and criticize the judge for “interfering in presidential matters.” He's the most arrogant SOB there is. It remains to be seen if anybody has the BALLS to do anything about it.

DISCREDITING PEOPLE: Liberals are experts at discrediting people without the bother of going into their words. That's what NBC's Chuck Todd is doing when he says that Ted Cruz “has a habit of attacking women.” Which he does NOT. Todd can't show ANY proof of this statement on his part, but that has never stopped a Democrat/liberal from making a bland (untrue) statement and expecting those who pay no attention to politics to accept it as truth. Cruz did NOT “attack” Savannah Guthrie. He merely asked her to SHUT UP so he could get a word in edgewise and answer whatever question she might get around to asking after she funished “talking over him.” Sounds to me more like SHE was ATTACKING HIM.

UNTIL THE LIGHTS GO OFF!” That's how long Valerie Jarrett plans to stay in the White House. And since she's such a close “associate” of Barack Hussein Obama, that means “forever.” Because I know Obama is scheming and planning on how to stay there as long as he can, which bodes ill for America, which does not need a king, an emperor, or a dictator. Obama already thinks he is a dictator and he shows it in his every action. Maybe somebody needs to “turn the lights off” right now. They both plan to make America into a socialist wasteland, and they want to stay there until their wishes are complete.

NUMB FROM THE NECK UP” Harry Reid says the reason he's “retiring” from the Senate is because he's “blind in one eye and numb from the neck up.” Why? Even though I am happy he's leaving, I don't know what has changed. He has been “numb from the neck up” for a long time, and blind in more than one eye. He has been blind to everything but what he, and Obama want to see, leaving up to 350 House-passed bills sit on his desk for YEARS so he can claim this is a “do-nothing congress.”

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