Thursday, April 2, 2015

Reid Lies--And Lies--And Lies

He tells so many lies, I'm surprised he can remember them all. His LIE that Romney didn't pay his taxes for at least ten years is a case in point. He said it to get Romney to release his tax information to the public. He said Romney was the one who needed to PROVE he paid his taxes, but that's a lie, too. If I said Reid wiped his rear with his bare hand, is it up to HIM to prove he doesn't? He made the accusation, it's up to HIM to prove it. Romney doesn't need to do a single thing except SAY so.

HE HATES IT SO BOUGHT IT: Ted Cruz hates Obamacare. So he signed up for it. And liberals are “raking him over the coals” for it. Like if he doesn't like it, he should have never signed up for it. FOOLS! It is (currently) the “law of the land,” so he doesn't have a whole lot of choice in the matter. Should he VIOLATE current law just because he wants to CHANGE it? No. That's the way LIBERALS operate. Cruz obeys the law, even if he hates it with every fiber of his being.

GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”: That's what the DOJ just gave Lois Lerner for refusing to testify before Congress on her actions to “target” conservative groups for delay, while “fast-tracking” liberal groups, such as the one Obama's brother is involved with. Congress rejected her Fifth Amendment claim because she TESTIFIED that she was innocent BEFORE citing her Fifth Amendment rights, which ACKNOWLEDGED that she has committed a crime. Frankly, I'm surprised she even got fired. They usually just “transfer her elsewhere” that is not so visible.

KILLING THEIR OWN JOBS: McDonald's workers are working for their own destruction by demonstrating for wages of $15 an hour for what amounts to a “BEGINNER'S” job, for people with NO skills, and not for people with families to support. Anybody with a family to support still working for McDonald's or something similar are in the wrong place and should look for employment elsewhere. They soon will be, anyway.

SURRENDERING TO GAYS: It is written into the Constitution that people have “religious freedom.” That means they don't have to do things to support actions of which they do not religiously approve. So when gays “seek them out” to DEMAND they do so they can SUE them, gays are unfairly attacking them. I have no problem with what gays do in private. That's their business. I DO have a problem when they INSIST people SURRENDER to their wishes and put them out of business if they don't.

PASSING OUT TOILET PAPER: I understand that's what they're doing in St. Cloud, Minnesota. They're having a “jobs fair” there, at which they're passing out pamphlets entitled, “Introduction to Islam.” Toilet paper is what I would use garbage like that for. Muslims are gaining way too much power in this country, even while Muslims BEHEAD little girls for not being Muslim, then display their tiny, headless bodies before cameras. Yes, there ARE some Muslims who don't believe in that. But they keep their mouths shut. Maybe they're just scared. Or maybe they DO agree, but don't talk about it. The big problem is, there are enough Muslim KILLERS out there to frighten them into silence.

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