Friday, April 10, 2015

"Facing the Death Penalty"

The one living survivor of the aftermath of the perpetrators of the Boston Bombing; the man who CLAIMS he was “dominated” by his now dead brother, was convicted the other day of all 30 charges, 17 of which make him eligible for the death penalty. But will he get it? Doubtful. Massachusetts is not very “death penalty friendly,” being the residence of the most people who don't believe in the death penalty anywhere, regardless of their crime. although they DO have the death penalty, it has been a long time since they imposed it. I expect he will get life, and we'll have to foot the bill to feed and house him for the rest of his miserable life.

AMERICANS “TERRORISTS”: The mother of Dzokhar Tsarniev, who killed three and wounded many others in the “name of Islam,” in Boston,is now calling AMERICA terrorists for convicting her “precious son” of terrorist murder and killing her other son, while he was busily killing others. Some people just can't understand that SOME PEOPLE will not stand idly by and let people kill them without doing something about it. Americans are like that. She is illustrating her IGNORANCE by saying that. Some people don't have the RIGHT to stay alive. Her two sons fall into that category.

BLACK LIVES MATTER!” That's the chant going around today, pushed by our PRESIDENT and all the other “race whores” out there. The truth is, ALL lives matter, including those of all cops who those same “race whores” are telling thugs to KILL. Yes, there ARE some cops who view their badge as a “license to kill.” But they are an exception. The recent murder of a black man RUNNING AWAY from a cop in SC who shot him IN THE BACK five times, is such an exception. ALL cops don't do such things. This cop did, and he will be punished. If he is not, THAT'S the time to complain. Another question: what makes them think FEDERAL cops are any better than the locals?

OBAMA'S TANTRUM: I don't think I've seen a more “thin-skinned” president. Every time somebody says something about him he doesn't like, he falls down on the floor and kicks his feet in the air in a tantrum, then goes out and says something nasty about that person. The routine is intact concerning Scott Walker's comments about his “pet” nuclear deal with Iran, in which they have “played him like a violin.” He just can't contain his rage over Walker's comments. Maybe he should get out of that job before he has a stroke.

MUSLIMS IN OUR GOVERNMENT: Johnny "Baby" Kerry let the cat out of the bag when he answered a reporter's question about the progress of the “peace talks” with Iran, where Iran is “playing us like a violin” and getting our APPROVAL of their efforts to create a nuclear capability so they can “push Israel into the sea” and “whip” the United States. His one-word answer was, “Installa,” the typical response of a MUSLIM. Muslims have done more than “infiltrate” our government, they have “converted” it.

EATING YOUR WIFE: No, this item should not be XXX-rated. It has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with the Muslim view of women. If you want to subscribe to a “religion”: that prescribes even what to use, and how to use it, to wipe your rear after a bowel movement, or one that says if you're starving, you can “cut up your wife (or one of them, depending on how many you have) and eat her” to stay alive. That shows a complete indifference to the rights of women that abounds among Muslims.

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