Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let Soldiers Carry Guns!

Did you know that soldiers not on duty are not allowed to carry guns on base? I don't know how it is on bases in other countries, but this practice on ours is STUPID and dangerous. It reflects the INCOMPETENCE of the “top brass.” It would really be embarrassing if some crazy came on one of our bases and shot it up while the unarmed soldiers had to run and hide. Oh: I'm sorry. It already happened, several times, didn't it? Ft. Hood comes to mind, but that was not the only one.

COMPLETELY BANANAS! NY Mayor DeBlasio hopes to be drafted into running for president in 2016 so he can “offer a progressive alternative” to Hillary. Proving he is not only STUPID, but insane, as well. Who the hell WANTS a “progressive alternative” to ANYBODY? “Progressive” is just a new word for COMMUNISM or any other form of COLLECTIVISM. He is all those things in addition to bring ignorant. I have said I would never vote for HIllary. But should he be the only alternative, I might give her serious consideration.

SOUNDS LIKE HILLARY: The FBI is telling the Inspector General IT (the FBI) can “inspect the evidence” and “decide for itself” what to release to them in the “investigation” into the “Fast and Furious” Obama gun-running scheme, as well as other scandals.. That sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton's “releasing” those e-mails SHE determines are not of “a personal nature” while she actively DESTROYS the rest so NOBODY (other than her) can look at them and decide whether or not she's lying.

FRACKING ONLY BENEFITS MEN: That's what anti-fracking fools are saying. That the only women's jobs caused by fracking are as prostitutes or maids. Which ignores one simple fact: “The rising tide raises all ships.” So when the guys are making more money, all the supporting businesses are making more money, too. Yes, prostitutes and maids will make more too. But that's a typical “cheap shot” taken by liberals and is, as usual, not ANYWHERE near true.

EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK”: The president of the Cleveland (OH) City Council says “It doesn't matter that their “gun control laws”don't work. They reflect the “values of the City Council.” Which is another way of saying, “Don't look at the RESULTS, look at our INTENTIONS.” That's what liberals say about everything. “NEVER look at the RESULTS—only our INTENTIONS.” That's because there are never ANY results to their stupidity. Not the kind human beings want, anyway.

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