Sunday, April 26, 2015

Memorial For A Crook

In Ferguson, MO, they “planted a tree” in memory of Michael Brown, a hulking giant known for his strong-arm robberies who tried to strong-arm a cop, take his gun, and kill HIM, and was killed, himslf for his trouble. The tree, dedicated by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, was cut down and the “memorial” that came with it taken away by one of the more honest people in Ferguson. Cops are “investigating,” but I'm not going to hold my breath until they find the “culprit.” The “Black Caucus" is a RACIST group, just as a “White Caucus” would be.

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Hillary is gathering so many serious scandals about her she's becoming untenable as a candidate for president. Put that together with the fact that she HAS no real things to say except something like she's going to “topple the rich,” whose work is what keeps this country GOING, and they're starting to seriously consider “Ol' Joe” for the Democrat nomination. Joe! Mr. “Foot-In-Mouth!” If he's all they've got, they're in BIG TROUBLE! And that can only be good for us! I knew their ranks were thin, but I guess I didn't know HOW thin.

CLINTONS ARE HUSTLING: They're hustling to change their tax forms before the IRS charges them with a CRIME for HIDING the millions they got in bribes and kickbacks in the last few years, some of which are disguised as “speaker's fees” of up to half a million dollars. This is just ONE of their many scandals, but it's one that COULD send them to PRISON, so they're working to quickly “make things right.”

HILLARY: “CHANGE YOUR RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS!” What an arrogant bi-ch she is! What the HELL makes her think she can force people to change their religions convictions because she says so? And she isn't even the chief executive yet—if she ever is! Whatever, she will be just as bad, maybe worse than Obama when it comes to forcing her will on us. IF she ever becomes president.

IS IT REALLY BIGOTRY? Gays call it bigotry whenever ANYBODY doesn't like them because they're gay. But it ISN'T bigotry for them to disagree on whether or not being gay is right or wrong. Disagreeing here is a matter of OPINION, to which we ALL Americans are entitled under the Constitution. The key is that “gayness” is not something you were BORN with, as is the color of your skin. “Gayness” IS a CHOICE, and NOT something you're born with and cannot change. Gays deny this because being true knocks the pins out from under their basic argument. But that doesn't make it true. Gayness IS a choice, no matter how much they deny it.

GLOBAL WARMING “FIDDLED?” Absolutely. It was started by a con man to put billions of bucks in his pockets, and it has. AlGore is a little disappointed that he had to change the name of his swindle so he could use ANY weather to be called “climate change” and keep putting bucks in his pocket. Now Obama has joined the swindle and is planning on using it to gain more power and even more billions. It has been proven to be false many times and in many way, but they keep pushing it and people keep buying it. Are the numbers “fiddled? Absolutely. Climate scientists have even ADMITTED it. But it's what people WANT to believe, so they keep on believing it.

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